Stefanie Fontker

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  • Jacqui Broad Jacqui Broad (11/1/2011 10:09:00 AM)

    Saying it as it is,
    This poet takes you with surprise
    Experiencing emotions like you cannot believe
    Framing little pieces of her mind
    Allowing others to share her art
    Never judging another's weaknesses
    I am delighted to have you as a friend
    Especially because you are so unique!

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  • Ahmed Khaled (10/23/2011 6:32:00 PM)

    i am only to say: - i am proud of you my dearest and nearest innocent and nice sister i have ever known, thank you alot my sister, you are great humanity and great heart, thank you+++++++++++++++++forever........

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  • Lenore Lee (10/17/2011 9:47:00 PM)

    A wondrous poet full of emotions stronger than passion. I call her spectacular, but that word will never be strong enough to describe her. There are no words to completely describe her and it is an honour just to know her.

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  • Quinn Craine (10/14/2011 3:49:00 PM)

    Your poems are amazing I love them <3 they are so full of passion and emotion and that fact that you like mine makes me happy and makes you even better! :) You rock!

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  • John Salome (10/10/2011 10:37:00 PM)

    haha this is really good, I liked it a lot :)

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  • Crimson Love (10/10/2011 12:37:00 PM)

    Stefanie AKA (MY LOVE) is truly the very embodiment, of pure unfiltered passion and drive, with an intellectual mind, surpassing that of any person I have met, she truly is what I call 'friend' her words embody what youth can be, wise and brilliant, through the eyes of one so young, her poetry gives, the affect of someone much older, yet there the words of the youth, she's my inspiration, also the one who has my heart. ;) love is just a word that cannot describe the feelings I have for her and her poetry.

    <3 Crimson Love <3

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  • Shadow Girl (10/10/2011 10:33:00 AM)

    My fave poet and person in the lil baby! ! ! and true friend light up my shadow! luv ya'

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  • Ricky Bingenheimer (10/9/2011 4:47:00 PM)

    much work here, lots of writing, a process of the mind. but in there, should you search, are pieces of soul, of mind, of something that only poetry can explain. it is the life she lives, the days she works, and the way she feels, in a way so few can truly put into such work, honestly not every piece here may hold it, but it is there very much so

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  • Unwritten Soul Unwritten Soul (10/2/2011 9:01:00 AM)

    Stephanie Fontker...if you ask me how good she is? I will say Stephanie is a great writer in the making. No doubt about that, In teenage age she keen crafting words in mature artwork.Talented is not enough but need to be polished, and that's her. The voice of her i never heard, but the impact of her words is big..If you see some of her poems you will know what i am saying here. Stephanie Fontker, all the best and wish you luck to be great writer or someone you wanted to be sooner. Talent is one of the rare tickets to win your future, you have it just follow your dream, never look back! _Unwritten Soul

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Best Poem of Stefanie Fontker


Mad Woman,
Where are you kept?
Hidden amongst the others
Those like you,
Injected with apathy
Snorting their pills
Just another
Hideous face
In the corridors
Plain lady,
Lipstick smeared
Across your face
Stop biting your nails
Quit scratching your cuts
Who has last visited,
Your mother
Or your lover?
Circus act, freak
You are the main show
Do they bring flasks
To your meetings?
Have they come to watch
You frolic in the trees?
Happy, carefree
As your nurse
Tugs on your leash
'Come here, girl
Your medicine ...

Read the full of Asylum

My Heart Will Burst

My heart will burst
It will bleed
Though it's nothing
You'll ever see
I might find
My heart wandering
Though it will
It must