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Remember them
Remember who they are
What they did
And all they gave up

You can't take away the memories
The memories of the soldiers
You can't forget
Forget what their families went through

When I opened the door
You were there
Holding up
A bundle of roses

I came to school
Unaware of what was going to happen
I turned up my music
As loud as it goes

All of your white lies
Became clear
All of your promises
Had broken

You speak as if
you could say it all.
You sound as though
you could control the world.

I'd give anything
to call you mine.
To touch and feel
the sparks that used to shine.

I'm holding my heart
it's out on my sleeve.
Losing grip,
it's barely hanging on.

Dreams change, people walk away.
Night turns into day.
Shadows cover the ground,
now you're bound


If I don't matter
then why are you holding on?
If you'd rather live in the past
then why do you move forward?

You hide in a box,
shield yourself from the world.
You always play it on the safe side.

We fell in love
The moment you said hi
But our friends disagreed
They had other plans

I don't want to remember
Remember what happened
And who got hurt

The days are gone
You had hours
But lost the minutes
And all that's left

They left
Gave all they had
To serve
And save their country

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Remember Them

Remember them
Remember who they are
What they did
And all they gave up

They gave their lives
And left their families
In tears
Wishing for them to stay

The soldiers had many high hopes
Hopes of seeing their family again
And hopes that this will all end soon

Before they were gone
Before their families received the letters
They saw friends die before them
They saw how terrible war really was

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