Stephen Buckley Poems

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Waiting For Your Text

I'm just sitting here on my own,
I wait for your text upon my phone,
Your smiling face is all I see,
The words of love, sent just for me,

My Love For You

It's getting nearer every day,
The time has passed,
So qucikly along the way,
Our future now is planned for us it seems,

A Burning Passion

In the middle of the night,
The road was so long,
I travelled many a mile,
To be with my lovers smile,

Missing Your Presence

When I drove away I was in a daze,
My heart stopped beating,
My mind was blank,
The love we made, the love we shared,

This Child

This child so fragile, yet innocent and true,
Her heart once broken in peices of two,
Her confusion of life never knowing quite why,
Has surely made this little girl cry,

Across The Miles

Today has been so very hot,
My workload overbearing,
I worked so hard to fix my car,
To travel the miles to be by your side,

A Love So Pure

Your heart is pure, I love you so much,
Oh how I long for your tender touch,
You were brave and very trusting,
I know it's true.