Stephen Harris Poems

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Who was I
I was the gentle breeze that touched the trembling leaf
The violent storm that broke the stubborn bough
A lover's breath on Heathcliff's heath

Thoughts On Summer

Songbirds singing
Under blue skies
While busy bees raid
Trembling flowers

I Lit A Candle

I lit a candle in memory of your loss.
A solitary sentinel that held its torch high,
burning bright for the child that so briefly lived.
And so I sat in silent vigil of heartfelt hurt,

Morrighan's Wake

The nights full moon calls Morrighan wake
And spirit soar with wild wolfs howl
That echoes through vale and dale to star.
Let her stir before Cerridwens wane

Burnt Fingers (Limerick)

A lad who skipped science at school
Charred his fingers while handling hot fuel
For he wanted to know
If coals burned when aglow

A Childs Grief (Tanka)

Quietly tears flow
For the love of a mother
Distantly dying
Many questions unanswered

Still Brigantes

Prepare the horse and chariot
Paint your body blue with woad
And take your oaken battle shield
The quench hardened iron sword

Painted Lady

You were born an emerald among thistles.
Vulnerable to the eye, yet destined to fly with angels.
Your soft bristles promise the cold, a poisonous flame,
That will burn and will blaze till you own a new name.

A Dreaming Demise

Sometimes when I doze between worlds real and unreal
A dream of recurring nightmare performs before my mind
Where all the stars slip in unison with shifting poles
And brimstone burns fiery sulphur, scorching skies.

Snowy Dystopia

Cold dead cars litter snow swept streets
As old steel mules or fallen beasts
And concrete cliffs with empty caves
Look down upon these wintry graves

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