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Firstly hello to any who have taken the time to look at this.

A brief note on myself. Im a train driver in the north of England, I have three children (2 daughters and one son) and a wonderful partner called Kaz who has through the last 20 years shown me so much love and in many ways taught me how to live. I have many good friends but I have one who is an inspiration to me in many ways and that is a lady called Sammie who is very precious to me.
If I can put a smile on someones face from what I have written or add a little sunshine, it would make me very happy.

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Who was I
I was the gentle breeze that touched the trembling leaf
The violent storm that broke the stubborn bough
A lover's breath on Heathcliff's heath
That loved and lost and loved somehow.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 12 July 2021

A wonderful poet who loves to pen freely. His poems carry values and substances. I love his poetry. Best

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Samsara White 11 April 2021

' Once upon a time ', somebody will come along

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crushed glass shimmers like cut diamonds

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Stephen Harris Popularity

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