I Lit A Candle Poem by Stephen Harris

I Lit A Candle

Rating: 5.0

I lit a candle in memory of your loss.
A solitary sentinel that held its torch high,
burning bright for the child that so briefly lived.
And so I sat in silent vigil of heartfelt hurt,
watching the braided cotton wick that wore ashen cloth
and wept waxen tears in a shared dress of mourning.
Till lying low, eyes levelling with flickering flame
that danced with slightest draught unfelt by naked flesh,
I saw within its gentle sway a sign of life unending.
For that tiny light that flourished in my darkened room,
so small, yet bright, becoming a star in a starless void,
was heaven owned, and now formed, remained undying.

Dr Dillip K Swain 12 July 2021

A splendid write! I have already taken it to my favorite!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 12 July 2021

1) mourn a dead child who lived so short, the intense sorrow shown through metaphors and so overcome with sorrow that it makes death immortal, thus the great sorrow is easier to bear, so beautifully worded 5 Stars ful on Top for this lovely poem

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Luis A. Estable 10 July 2021

There is much to say about this poem that I can`t enter here due to space. Some of the lines demand deep and careful reading. The hurt of the loss is manifested in several ways. Some easier to see than others.

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