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Have you seen the moon?
Have you really looked?
A harsh mistress or a dainty maid
A balloon deflated and then remade

I go there sometimes
when my energy is low; to
the thin places of the earth
where two worlds may collide;

He had the world at his beck and call
He had no problems or worries at all,
with plenty of money and cash to spare
he lived like a goddamned billionaire

Moses once stood near a burning bush
Nero fiddled while Rome burned out
The twin towers collapsed in a mighty rush
‘Cos there's plenty of arson about

The magic
of your hopes
and dreams
The mystery

Born as a haiku
I was written in the dust
At just seventeen

They partied hard, up to the hilt
inside the garden that they built
but left it eaten up with guilt
and that's the old, old story

I want to hold you
You want to hold me
but we're separated
by a sea of pain


I write about fracture
I write about bruises
Regrettable accidents
Nobody chooses


Before they got
Their hands on me
I was unconditioned,
Roaming free

When I met Annette
We went out for a bet
We were like puppets
On a movie set

Joe says one thing but means another
He's the master of the double entendre
They pop up everywhere, and I
Can't stop them coming, though I try

The foul mouthed obscenities that issue from his lips
send shivers down the spine and a convulsion to the hips
Like clockwork from his lips another execration drips
just when you think he's finished, yet another oath he'll trip

I wanna go where the mad things are
I wanna drive in a big fast car
I wanna party with the movie stars
but it all comes back to bite you in the end

Catch the current as the waters flow
the flood gates open as the levels grow
it's just the start for all we know
and the river rises

A man once tried to emulate the tale
contained in the epic poem of Kālidāsa.
He asked a passing cloud if it would convey
a message to his lover many miles away.

Within the empires of my mind
and through all my great imaginings;
across the vast, empty terrains of time
and in the folly of my frantic gatherings;


A slip of the tongue
was all it took to make her
flow with silver words

The war has been quite terrible
The explosions have been bad
The destruction in our village
Has made everyone so sad

The disco Rollarena
down by the yacht marina
was a human melodrama
I wish I'd brought me camera

Steve Wheeler Biography

Steve Wheeler is a British poet. As a recovering academic (and now semi-retired with more time on his hands) he has returned to his roots as a performance poet. To date he has published four poetry collections: Ellipsis: The Lockdown Poems 2020, Sacred 2020, Urban Voices 2020 and Small Lights Burning 2021, all by Wheelsong publications. He lives in Plymouth, on the south west coast of England. Some of his poems date back to the 80s and 90s but most are more recent compositions. You can read more of Steve's poems on his blog 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered' at

The Best Poem Of Steve Wheeler

Have You Seen The Moon?

Have you seen the moon?
Have you really looked?
A harsh mistress or a dainty maid
A balloon deflated and then remade
By day or night in light or in shade
A pockmarked elusive renegade
Have you seen the moon?
Have you really looked?

Have you seen the stars?
Have you really looked?
A string of irridescent beads
A shiny scattering of seeds
A glowing carpet on the breeze
and all the wonder that it breeds
Have you seen the stars?
Have you really looked?

© Steve Wheeler 2021

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