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You've decided
that you want me,
and so commanded
flashing angels

Blue Days

Blue days race
to starry nights.

Running all the way,
bent double in breathless pain
we peer and see
the gaping grave

ancient lake
spirit of
waves recede

“What we are asked to do is to love, and this love itself will render both ourselves and our neighbors worthy.” Thomas Merton
“To love another person is to see the face of God.” Victor Hugo

See the perfect sky of November
cloudless, cool, southern sun,
garden of blue eternity

"Come, dervishes: here is the water of life. Dance in it."
Thomas Merton

The night looked bad.

torn, and twisted
they fill the sky
with the slow motion

The generals line-up, war-plans
in withered hands, ready to strike
the children.


You breathe, and my lungs
rise and fall like winter trees
swaying, sure of spring,

Storms pass, winds subside
life abides.

See how the cottonwoods trees

Just before nightfall
your new leaves
softly sway
in the cool delta breeze,

Fog's gone, the sky rises
to steaming heights
sheds hot silver to gleaming bay
thin lines of fire spreading

Living trees, grass rising
from dark cool soil

Roses, like blood from a wound

clamor in the night.
Breezes rush
through unseen leaves.

In arching waters
the black bird dances
with graceless step,
head jerks, probing soft soil,

Over bright fields
we fly.

Thin slips

rising high
godlike I gazed
from where cranes fly
unconcerned, over

Blue day too quickly ends
consumed by foggy night.

Proceed with care

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Leap Of Faith

You've decided
that you want me,
and so commanded
flashing angels
to invade my night,
with my blind bliss
to contend,

and weary with seraphic strife
I gave in:

a pius moment
here and there,
a sign of the cross,
a whispered prayer,

until, patient Father,
in bright dreams you've called
and led me high
up your holy mountain
that I will rise
and never,
never fall.

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