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Good-Bye My Friends

I'm here to say goodbye to you all
I really hope you remember me
I really hope you call

Can Love End?

Your smile in the playground
The thoughts in my mind
Your words are just different
There sweet and there kind

Nobody's Perfect! !

Nobody's perfect
No not me
I am not perfect
It's obvious to see

Lies, Lies, Lies

I've heard it all before my friend
All the things you tell me
I'm fed up of your games
I'm not stupid I can see


You've lost your job
The credit crunch is putting you down
You pray to God till your knees ache
Then maybe you'll wake up without a frown

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Kayleigh Tongue 20 April 2009

i love your poem 'truth and fear' i is lovely well done

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I am a young genderless being with a love for music and poetry! Writing poems helps me let my feelings out the good and the bad and i just want a place where i can inspire people and people can inspire me!
Thank you for reading my poems, please comment because it means so much to me to know how you all feel about my emotions and poetry! !
The Berg x x x

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