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Hello everyone. My name is Leo Lopes and have created this account on here cause I locked myself out of my original account.

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07 November 2018

Sicilian quote: Ama A Cu T'Ama Si Vo Aviri Spassu C'Amari A Cu Nun T'Ama 'E Tempu Persu

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Bark At The Moon

She's sweet, she is evil
Your heart she'll consume
And if you like her you'll bark at the moon

She's bitter, she's lovely
You'll marry her soon
And if you like her you'll bark at the moon

She'll take you to a place where the flowers don't bloom
And the souls of the night just cry at the moon
They cry at the moon
Cry at the moon

She's amazing, she's guilty
Your soul she'll consume
She'll love you til the day when you lie in your tomb
You're alive in your tomb
Alive in your tomb
Don't love her too much or this could happen to you

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Sub Zero Popularity

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