Sub Zero Poems

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Bark At The Moon

She's sweet, she is evil
Your heart she'll consume
And if you like her you'll bark at the moon

Only You

Only you can make me feel like this
Tell me why, tell me why do I feel like this?
You're love is like a damn good sensual kiss
And only you can make me feel like this

Ti Voglio Bene Assai (I Love You Very Much)

Ti prego amore vieni da me
Ma che begli occhi hai
Amore che bella sei tu
Pensa all'amore che avrai

Iu Vogghiu Scurdarti (I Want To Forget You) - Sicilian

Vogghiu vassarti
Picchi intru lu me cori t'haiu
E me capisci
E tutti i cosi ca t'haiu datu

Living On Borrowed Time

When the words don't even rhyme
When loving you is seen as a crime
I've been lonely ever since they took you
We're living on borrowed time

Until I Committed Suicide

As I sit here
A broken man
Being away from you
Is something that I can't stand

Figghiu Miu (My Son)- Sicilian

Diù, ca 'ncielu, dammi cchiù vita
Vogghiu sentiri cchiù affettu
Figghiu miu, quantu si beddu
Sugnu vicinu a tia

When I Leave

When I leave
Take care of my son
Cause he will be
One of the last ones left

Memories I Can't Erase

I've taken all that I can take
And I don't want to see your face
Inside my mind your demons dwell

Come Back To Me

Come back to me my love
Let me show you how
I know that you don't need this love
But I feel helpless now

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