Subbaraman N V Poems

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*all I Need To Practise!

I know no God
no religion
no philosophy!

*does Not Mean!

Closing of one's eyes
Does not mean one is asleep!
Car not seen in shed
Does not mean one is away!

A Bright Tomorrow

And till this day's
Pain and pangs

Bless Me With Those Eyes!

'A thing of beauty is a joy for ever'
Words of Keats one can forget never
What is beauty - beauty is where
One can enjoy here and there, every where!

A Student's Prayer

Oh! Goddess of knowledge and wisdom!
Many born with me have no source
To pursue education with resource
Which I am blessed thanks to my parents

A House Wife's Prayer

Oh! Divine Mother of all creations
Blessed am I a tool for procreation
Enjoying life as housewife with high education
Which I use to teach my children

*let 2k+10 Bring In The Best!

Year 2k + 9 has come and gone
Year 2k + 10 to be born and gone!

Man is in and man is out

*let The New Year 2k+9 Bloom!

In a world that is

Free from terrible terrorism and death
Full of happy harmony and warmth

An End To All

Every thing must have an end
How unfair we can not mend
For good things on earth why an end
Bad things on earth sure need an end

* A Solemn Day!

Great Indian Republic Sixty
Sure going fast and hefty!
On this day - a solemn day
Services displayed might and strength

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