* A Solemn Day! Poem by Subbaraman N V

* A Solemn Day!

Rating: 2.9

Great Indian Republic Sixty
Sure going fast and hefty!
On this day - a solemn day
Services displayed might and strength
To all in the world - breadth and length!
To the pride of many and the pain of a few
First Lady unfurled the majestic hue!
Kazak Prez. witnessed all anew!
On Rajpath stood the Nation's pride
Ten widows and a mother proud!

PM sees and thanks all from his ICU
Olympic veterans fret and fume!
Martyrs known and unknown revered.

In all the States the tricolor unfurled
Speeches made, parades held
Awards presented, copters soared!

For the white colared, perfect holiday enjoyed.
Forgetting the flag, children enjoyed the day
In the scorching sun, cricket they play(ed) !

Vigilant warriors watched the borders
Terrible terrorists planned their next!

In the biting cold and shivers
Sweepers swept the roads
Scavengers cleaned the drains
Milkmen brought the sachets
Vegetable vendors sold their stocks!
Building workers carried concrete on heads
Half clad ladies brought bricks and sand
Labourers dug the pits to earn their daily bread!

R-Day came and the R-Day has gone
Security beefed here and there, everywhere
Keeping vigil over the land and air!
I-Day will come and the I-Day will go
Like water I came and like wind I go!

When, how and who to find lasting remedies
For the evils of terrorism and akins of Satyam!

(Written on the night of 26th Jan.2009 at Bangalore and posted on 27th)

Avinash Thakur 27 January 2009

very thoughtful write....I appreciate your effort

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Eddie Roa 02 February 2009

A fine chronicle of a day of national importance (I Day- Independence Day? , R Dayi Republic Day?) A bit like Whitman.

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Reshma Ramesh 07 February 2009

great write sir..................well penned

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Surya . 04 June 2009

an announcement from one who saw the spectacle first hand.very nice.posted 10 surya

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Geetha Jayakumar 19 August 2013

A Great write. Well written. Loved reading it.

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Saiom Shriver 31 March 2012

'Like water I came and like wind I go! ' is a magnificent line in a grea poem

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Loved this vivid poetic. write. You captured in essence all of R-day all to well. Penned creatively! ; D

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Gita Ashok 08 June 2010

Excellent work of art. Your sharp sense of observation, general awareness, attention to detail and of course creative packaging deserve a special mention here. While reading it, I imagined I was watching all the events you have described here on R-day in my mind's television. What about a repeat performance for the I-Day, too? Looking forward to it eagerly. Undoubtedly, a 10++++++++ here.

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Marieta Maglas 30 August 2009

excellent narrative poem, thank you for sharing......10+++++++

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Subbaraman N V

Subbaraman N V

Karaikkudi - Tamilnadu- India
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