Subramanya Bharathi Poems

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When will this thirst for freedom slake?
When will our love of slavery die?
When will our Mother's fetters break?
When will our tribulations cease?

The Jewel Of Stars

Moonlight, the stars and the wind,
By placing them in front
And drinking the honey thereof-
A poetic frenzy seizes us;

There Is No Fear

The people of this world, if against they stand,
There is no fear, there is no fear, nothing like fear.

Although, we are counted cheap and rebuked,
There is no fear , there is no fear , nothing like fear.

Indian Republic

Long live the Republic of Bharat!
Victory to the Republic of Bharat!
Thirty crores of people share
This commonwealth of ours;

Did You Think I Too Will

Did you think I too will
Spend my days in search of food,
Tell petty tales,
Worry myself with thoughts,

Order To The Mind

Satan residing little mind
Listen to my words from today
Don't you go searching alone
For Im your leader, you better know

The Eternal Himalaya Is Our Very Own Asset

The eternal Himalaya is our very own asset.
There's nothing else to equal it as yet !
The sweetly nourishing Ganges flows here dancing.
Is there a river on earth so entrancing ?

A Spark Of Fire

A spark of fire I did see
Which there , in a forest tree hole I'd stowed
Burned and ashed was the forest

Invocation To Freedom

Mother, those that hungering seek thy grace
And offer to thee their life and love,
Howbeit consigned to dungeons here,
They'd qualify for a place in Heaven.

Drum Of Victory

Beat the drum of victory! Beat it!
Beat the drum of victory!

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