Indian Republic Poem by Subramanya Bharathi

Indian Republic

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Long live the Republic of Bharat!
Victory to the Republic of Bharat!

Thirty crores of people share
This commonwealth of ours;
A marvel Republic
Without an equal in the world.
Long live the Republic

Shall we see henceforth the greed
Of one man seizing another's bite?
Shall one see unmoved
The spectacle of another's pain?
Shall we revel in sensuality,
Or tolerate the selfish life?
Long live the Republic

Spacious fields and generous springs
Enrich this mighty land;
Plentiful is her gift of fruits,
Abundant the harvest of corn;
Numerous are the gifts,
Perennial the flow.
Long live the Republic

We shall now lay down the law
And die to preserve it-
We'll rather send the world up in flames
Than suffer one man to starve.
Long live the Republic

This is what Lord Krishna said:
‘I live in all living things.'
Bharat will show the world the way
Of all attaining the Life Divine.
Long live the Republic

We are of the same caste and race,
We are children of Bharat all;
We are equal in law and stature,
And every one is Bharat's King!
Long Live the Republic

[Translated into English By S. Prema]

Michael Walker 04 November 2019

'Long live the Republic' (of India) -better than being a British colony. 'Long live the Republic' is a very effective refrain. Let there be equality among the people in the republics of the world. I am a republican not a royalist.

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Paresh Chakra 01 December 2018

It is a very grateful poem

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Ratnakar Mandlik 04 November 2018

A glowing tribute paid to the Indian Republic elaborating the aspirations and resolves of it's people to achieve them.

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Subramanya Bharathi

Subramanya Bharathi

Ettayapuram, Madras Presidency / India
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