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The moon shines profusely
so do the Kaans blooms
in the clear night
drums reverberates

Alighting at the bus stop with wife and son,

A gentleman looked for a rickshaw puller anon,

How can I provide solace
To that mother
Who has lost
Her two sons in heydays?

Sleep I not and cry, she sings lullaby showing my uncle.

Mischief increases, shows she something to fear.

For the lay beauty gazers,
she is beautiful,
For her lotus skin
and kiss worthy look.

In a relaxed mood,
She sits at the dressing table,
Idly combing her stresses.

Discovers some silvery strands,

River gurgles

Surges ahead

A paper boat I'm
from a kid's imagination
left on the puddle
to take his imaginations

In a stormy my night
it rained with thundered
shuddering everything
and parting the coherency

In the azure sky,
Rain drops hang,
Coalesce, and geld,
With barren drops

Life continues

Some truths
remain unsaid

Azure was the sky, water was blue,

Haze was blue as the sun glowed.

Blossomed just now, to her content,

Aromatizing the atmosphere, with her fragrance.

No one is with me
still I move on.
In the hope of a co-passenger,
I lurched forward towards the destination.

I'm a nude tree,
Sans green leaves,
Barks wrinkled.
Reduced to dry woods,

For the eighth
seven banged onto killer stone.
For one killer
You left Baikunth.

I'd not thought
The wish will be a weapon
to bring out tears
from your eyes.

Evil forces are still at large
target tower after tower.
Where are the repelling forces?
The shower

In the remote horizon, dips the sun crimson,
Comes the Venus, stars and the moon.
As dusk become the evening anon.

River Mahanadi flows with gurgle,
As Bimaleswar reigns the leaning Temple.
Walked out to the bank after darshan.
In the sun saw stars blinking,

Sudam Panigrahi Biography

He's a novelist, poet and story writer. Many of his poems have been published in national anthologies.)

The Best Poem Of Sudam Panigrahi

She Is Coming

The moon shines profusely
so do the Kaans blooms
in the clear night
drums reverberates
to welcome your
coming down.

In the temple
they've drawn a curtain
to sharpen your eyes
to see more than required,
to armour you
with new weapons
to destroy new demons,
and dress you
for the new war against
perverted minds
and morons.

Mother, this time
once you come
don't go
but fight relentlessly
as blood drop
fells on the ground
leading to demons rise.

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Sudam Panigrahi Popularity

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