Summer Song

Summer Song Poems

Summer breeze
summer long
I'll sing to you
my summer song

A puzzle together
a puzzle apart
each piece belongs to my heart


you held me as an infant small
and even when I am now tall
you knew my name

I walk into a purple forest
The place is magical and free
The grass is violet, the sky is white
Purple defines every tree

God's beautiful sky
you hold the earth in place
your friends surround your beautiful face

Oh poor Jack was handsom and lean
But He sold his cow for a count of three bean

OH! my dear what have you done, that's our only source of milk

A secret box, inside my heart
Tells me who I am
Lets me know, I'm not the only one
Who keeps these secrets hidden

I see that boy
with light red hair
and a smile so sweet
it would melt you right there

What if birds couldn't fly on a warm summer day
or the stars weren't there to show us the way?

What if the night was the day, and the day was the night

A cloud of blue or yellow or green
clouds your mind
you're in a dream


I wish I was famous
I wish I was cool
I wish I was free
I wish for no school

I can't remember when I was born
I guess I was cute
I bet I was snuggly and such a hoot
Rolling around, kicking and screaming

Hold my hand
squeeze it tight
lead me to the river
with your bow and your quiver

I love your smile
Won't you stay for awhile?
Your face is twisted
your hair is thin


sings through your mind like a gentle breeze
wiping the thoughts away
it reminds you of a better day

they take you to an enchanted place
a mystical world
full of grace

There's been a change in the weather
I feel light as a feather
Walking down the halls
noises carry through the walls

When the lights have dimmed
and the lines have faded

Soul on Fire
I know what I'm doing
this is my passion
What's worth doing

One day I will find my way
Through the twisted maze
Of fear and depression
It's a slow succesion

Summer Song Biography

I am twenty years old and from Indiana. I started writing at a very young age, but my biggest passion is art. I love doing poetry readings and expressing how I feel through the beautiful art of poetry. Read my recent poems. I just now returned after years. Check out my website

The Best Poem Of Summer Song

Summer Song

Summer breeze
summer long
I'll sing to you
my summer song

Read a poem
A summer song
It isn't long
It's just a song

From my heart
a poem long
but not at all
my summer song

My summer long
is something special
a poem, a song
to my heart belong

Summer breeze
summer long
I'll sing to you
my summer song

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Sylvia Frances Chan 28 June 2021

SUMMER SONG, your name on Poem Hunter. Com is Summer Song, so funny, but your own website is: Congratulations on being chosen as The Poet Of The Day. Hoorray! ! God's Blessings in Abundance, dear Faye!

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She is a celestial poet indeed.

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