Rose Marie Juan-austin Sun Poems

The Sun's Rays And The Tree

The tree reaches out,
For the sun's lovely rays
And leans into them,
For their warmth.

A Meeting Of The Sea And The Sun - Tanka

Crystal white sand beach
Blue clouds roaming in the sky
Emerald green waves
Orange, red and pink sunset

The Sun And The Clouds

I am waiting
For the sun
To pour out
Its golden hot oranges

When The Sun Rises

When the sun rises
It ignites the world
And humanity rises
As its rays cascade

The Snow, The Sun And The Evergreen

A blanket of snow
Embedded the evergreen
Its leaves like needles
Turned into small white candles

The Sun - Tanka

The Sun is rising
High up the great mountainside
Spreading her magic
Her light is so inspiring

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