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1. Song Of A Mute Piper 6/14/2012
2. Life As Is… 6/14/2012
3. Perils Of Harmattan 6/14/2012
4. Forget The Times 6/14/2012
5. Fear 6/14/2012
6. Two Lone Tykes 6/14/2012
7. New Life 6/14/2012
8. Odious Warren 6/14/2012
9. The Search 6/14/2012
10. Tiny Droplets 6/14/2012
11. The Child 6/14/2012
12. Wait 6/14/2012
13. Words 6/14/2012

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Life As Is…

Life As is……..

Life so curt, it would seem to pass,
the flowing sand in an hour-glass.
Like the promise of a day-dream,
a bubble in a nimble stream,
I try to hold, but I never can,
my little tyke, oft you ran.

Rope your fiery pace I did try,
you wouldn't stop, I sorrowed why?
Blooming years but of so short length,
all those years and my fading strength,
As friends and kin leave my sunset bay,
I have but nothing more to say.

With my heart weak wet and ceding
wish me leave, as I lived speeding

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