Sunitria Couser Poems

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Family Reunion

beautiful words spoken no more
angry people walk the halls
the sounds of laughter echos in the silence
and we're left to wonder

Love Lost

Love is lost
for me you see
the day that he said
I could no longer be

What Magic

what magic lies in his eyes
the spendor of love conceived in one night
suddenly hopefull of what tommorow brings
i wonder why such beauty has yet to recgonized

Self Abuse

Tears keep streaming down my face
And I wonder why I always get this way
To look in the mirror and see failure
Downing myself

Slowly I Die

Slowly i die
Each breath i take
I pray will be my last
Depression has hit

Who Is To Say

Who is to say
That i'm am not beautiful
That because i'm of a thicker nature
then the movie stars, models, and singers

Use To Be Close

Use to be close
with a person
Never imagined that one day
All of our smiles

Poet I Am

There are secrets that lies in my poetry
Bound by periods and held close with thought
I tell storys of love lost, love gained, and friendships in the wane
I hide behind my words afraid


i have no path to travel
but the one you paved for me
i have no thoughts to think
but the one you order me to conceive


What beauty this earth holds
that those who walk it don't see it
shames what we are
Beings to a mother who cared and gave