Sunitria Couser

Rookie (Philadelphia)

Sunitria Couser Poems

1. Nothing 2/26/2006
2. Untitled 2/27/2006
3. Take A Stand 2/27/2006
4. An Angel 3/1/2006
5. Poet 3/1/2006
6. Lets Just Say 3/1/2006
7. Friend Of Mines 3/1/2006
8. Stalker 3/2/2006
9. Poet I Am 3/2/2006
10. New Shirt 3/4/2006
11. Woman Grown 3/7/2006
12. Woe Is Me 3/15/2006
13. Amazing Grace 3/16/2006
14. For All Its Worth 3/17/2006
15. Sweet Songs 4/13/2006
16. Stupid Cupid 4/13/2006
17. Lies That Are Us 5/15/2006
18. Unfaithful 5/15/2006
19. Never Told You 5/15/2006
20. Who I Love 5/15/2006
21. What Becomes Of Him 6/18/2006
22. The Nephilim 11/18/2007
23. Mirror Image 11/25/2007
24. American Dream 4/8/2006
25. Use To Be Close 3/2/2006
26. Slowly I Die 2/28/2006
27. Who Is To Say 3/1/2006
28. Self Abuse 4/1/2006
29. Love Lost 3/7/2006
30. What Magic 4/8/2006
31. Family Reunion 3/3/2006
Best Poem of Sunitria Couser

Family Reunion

beautiful words spoken no more
angry people walk the halls
the sounds of laughter echos in the silence
and we're left to wonder
why and how
such an event can turn so sour
in tow we bring our grief
like a ball and chain it holds us underneath
a family turned inside out
secrets cover the walls
lips become unsealed
love was suppose to casscade this day
rememberance was to rule in every way
but once again our hate and angry
shadowed this day
what made us so foul
what made us a family turned sour
we can't call ourselves related
we can't call ...

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i have no path to travel
but the one you paved for me
i have no thoughts to think
but the one you order me to conceive
i have nothing of my own
but the things you hand down to me
i am a slave of my own doing
and you the master of all that consumes me
i fear this releationship

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