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Don’t mourn my brethren
in effect you must rejoice

The cause of contention
lies silenced forever voice

Futile is moving penance
it’s just a transitory phase

When hated my presence
then why play up of praise

Worthy never deemed living
now made out as paradigm

Forever in past castigated
denying vivacity of my ti ...

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Nirali Makwana 25 July 2018

U looking cute

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Sana Ansari 28 July 2018

Handsome cute ????????

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Sravya 03 August 2018

Super cute????

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Simran 04 August 2018

Looking adorable

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Afra Ahamed 04 August 2018

You r looking so Cute ????

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wajiha jia 17 January 2019

ap bahut achey lagty

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savina 24 December 2018

Handsome boy

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Kinzasamejo 24 September 2018

You are so cute and handsome

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Kinzasamejo 24 September 2018

You are so cute and handsome

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@lekya 18 September 2018

Ur actions are inspiring and also lovely Specially it brings a smile on faces

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The Best Poem Of Sunny Chopra

Someone Somewhere

Where each subliminal moment
is awaited in anticipated glee

For it to be captured eternally,
lest quickly if it tried to flee

The silence speaks unspoken
and unsaid is what's heard

Congruent are most nuances,
comprehended without a word

Points are never proven or
bartered in give and take

It is all about subsistence
how cheery other you make

The element of this surprise,
has eluded for bit overly long

To call someone your very own,
likewise to the other belong

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Sunny Chopra Popularity

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