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Your mind is opinionised now,
By the darkness
Of hypocricy and mockery,
All trapped against me.

Touched! O ye Scriptures
O, Holy words,
Charmed by your promises sweet
Bewitched by your words.

I came through a dream,
At an excellent astrological time
Which foreshadowed me as a person
That is always good.

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Hi! ! This is Supratim. I belong to the Northeastern part of the Indian subcontinent. My hobbies are listening music(I m a versatile music listener, writing poems, net surfing etc. I like gossiping and giggling with my friends! ! There are only a few poems of mine in this site. Most of my poems are in.. Nothing much to say! ! Enjoy your life to your fullest and enjoy poetry! ! ! ! ! BLESSED BE YOU! !)

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Dreams And Reality Of A Naked Youth

Your mind is opinionised now,
By the darkness
Of hypocricy and mockery,
All trapped against me.

But I will cross
These filthy fanks too,
As I've been crossing them
Since my childhood!

Do you know I've been
Quarantined and misunderstood
Since time immemorial,
Till the time of adulthood! !

-The time of lovemaking and passion-

I've been flying
In my mystical realm,
Only for an embrace
Of wild emotion from you;
And fell a thousand times
With my face down.

-Have you ever looked at my naked body? -

With a mind full of artistic beauty
Notice the limbs and hairs
Of a perfect youth,
With an erect muscle
All anointed with,
The sweet energy
Of sperms and hormones.

Touch it and play with it,
But never be shy.
As these gifts of youth
Are for you only!

I rot every day
In a single dream,
For some midnight collides
And embraces between us,
And the ultimate oneness
Between our souls.....

Oh! it never happened! !

In the silence of my cursed midnights
I still visualize and feel you
And your naked body.
I still feel the collision
Of my only brown meat
Warm and slippery,
Stroking against your parts!

But I know it is a dream.
The dream of my doomed soul
All quarantined and misunderstood.
And fatigued by the nothingness
Of reality and vaccum
I too prapare for my cremation
And exit ritual,
To feel the warmthness
Of the Eternal and all pervading Soul! !

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