Suzawaka Phiri Poems

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Self Reflection

The vision keeps getting
Smaller and smaller as
I keep getting older and
older. I can no longer

Her Beauty Is Noisy

Her beauty knows no quietness
It is noisy and knows loudness.
Her beauty knows no humbleness
It only knows boastfulness.

In The Arms Of His Father

There is a place that he knows,
He calls it, Paradise.

There is only one thing this place knows,

Aunt Shade

Grandma had a child
And she named her Shade.

No one had a darker skin

My Blessed Gift

Tonight I grace the face of the sun!
How beautiful is the moon!

Jehovah has gifted me with a star,


Nothing amazes me like your big buttocks,
Petunia, you truly have terrific buttocks.

Before you, not even elephants can boast,

Dear Pen Slumber No More

Dear pen slumber no more
There is now a song in my soul.

Dear pen ready yourself to explore

A Man Who Forgets

I wrote down my dreams
I wrote down all my goals
When money visited my pockets
I became a man who forgets.

A Little Prayer

My Muse please be kind
And influence my mind.
I know you're not blind
Influence my mind

Don't Go Without Me

Do not forget your promise, don't go without me
How shall I enjoy the sunrise? Don't go without me.
If what we share is way deeper than Tanganyika,
My love, don't compromise, don't go without me.

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