Her Beauty Is Noisy Poem by Suzawaka Phiri

Her Beauty Is Noisy

Rating: 4.8

Her beauty knows no quietness
It is noisy and knows loudness.
Her beauty knows no humbleness
It only knows boastfulness.
Her beauty brags
While beating its chest
'Am more beautiful than
Then the golden sun.
Am more beautiful than
The full moon.'
Yet her beauty is just a cover
Of the ugliness that's under.
Her beauty is the grave,
Ugliness is the corpse.

Kevin Familia 26 April 2023

Nice I like the way you use descriptive language and a imagery that profounds the desire for someone or something. Also sorry for the delay in commenting your poems, but this one is great!

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‘A thing of beauty is a joy for ever' so said the learned. Yes, but the poet yearns to learn the truth that her beauty covers! Nice one!

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Suzawaka Phiri 16 January 2023

Thank you for the reading.

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Nosheen Irfan 15 January 2023

Vanity and beauty are often a lethal combination. But yes true beauty cannot be vain and arrogant.

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Suzawaka Phiri 15 January 2023

You are right, true beauty cannot be arrogant. It is about humbleness and a good character etc. Thank you for reading.

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