Swatimalya Chattopadhyay Poems

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A Daughter's Gratitude To A Loving Mother

I can renounce all worldly pleasures
To strengthen our bond
Your love, care and concern are my treasures
Which precipitate a coating around


'Solitude'-the word despicable
for some,
precludes socializing,
devoid of bond,


I am mesmerized by your charm and beauty
The orange innocuous appearance reveals soft and silky
It draws me closer and I feel like relishing gleefully
Your touch, embrace and vicinity.


When I traverse by a lift,
want someone beside
since I am apprehensive
of lift's midway ceasing,

Dreams And The Reality

(The poem is dedicated to Dr.Subhendu Kar, the great poet, who in a way has been my mentor, as he constantly inspires me to write.I am deeply indebted to him for his valued suggestion and the theme of the poem has been an offshoot of his poem Curve of Meaning) .

Like 'Crest' and 'Trough'
of an alternating current

Brighter Vision

In a breezy evening
I cruise my boat on a calm sea,
above me remains the star-studded sky,
darkness spells all around and


Nothing is impressive
Look, Gait, Smile.
Clumsy, Bizarre
In old fashioned style.

Destiny's Irony

(The poem is based on a real-life incident and is being dedicated to a girl child of about seven years who succumbed to an intravenous injection and passed away in 1996, in the western part of India. The poet expresses her full regards to the doctor fraternity and does not intend to make them responsible in anyway)

Mother said, ' She is superb, we'll make her a doctor'
Father said, ' Maths is her forte, why not an engineer? '

Shattered (?) Dream Of A Budding Poet

At the age of twenty five
She discovered her skill
Started writing poetries
With tremendous zeal.

Queen Of The Kingdom

“Disorganized”, ”Clumsy”
“Domestic front lousy”-
the chronic comments I ever hear,
I swear to clean every nook and corner

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