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I can renounce all worldly pleasures
To strengthen our bond
Your love, care and concern are my treasures
Which precipitate a coating around

'Solitude'-the word despicable
for some,
precludes socializing,
devoid of bond,


I am mesmerized by your charm and beauty
The orange innocuous appearance reveals soft and silky
It draws me closer and I feel like relishing gleefully
Your touch, embrace and vicinity.

When I traverse by a lift,
want someone beside
since I am apprehensive
of lift's midway ceasing,

(The poem is dedicated to Dr.Subhendu Kar, the great poet, who in a way has been my mentor, as he constantly inspires me to write.I am deeply indebted to him for his valued suggestion and the theme of the poem has been an offshoot of his poem Curve of Meaning) .

Like 'Crest' and 'Trough'
of an alternating current

In a breezy evening
I cruise my boat on a calm sea,
above me remains the star-studded sky,
darkness spells all around and


Nothing is impressive
Look, Gait, Smile.
Clumsy, Bizarre
In old fashioned style.

(The poem is based on a real-life incident and is being dedicated to a girl child of about seven years who succumbed to an intravenous injection and passed away in 1996, in the western part of India. The poet expresses her full regards to the doctor fraternity and does not intend to make them responsible in anyway)

Mother said, ' She is superb, we'll make her a doctor'
Father said, ' Maths is her forte, why not an engineer? '

At the age of twenty five
She discovered her skill
Started writing poetries
With tremendous zeal.

“Disorganized”, ”Clumsy”
“Domestic front lousy”-
the chronic comments I ever hear,
I swear to clean every nook and corner

(Dedicated to my husband Abichal)

I can feel
your unfathomable love


Your subtle touch
ignited spark
from my within.

The magic wand of fairy God mother
turns the pumkin into a cart
Cinderella’s ragged dress transformed to silky gown
makes her look pretty and smart.

South Africa, Serbia
Argentina, America
Germany, Uruguay
Brazil, Paraguay,

I look forward to Sundays
Sitting on my office chair
Think ' Sundays form a good slot'
To finish my carry over.

On the canvas of my memories
I delineate sketches
Fill them with colours
And portray different images.

Ma, in my childhood
While on return from playground
I used to get worried
And was in a fix

(My first posting on Poem Hunter was on 11.6.2009, just a year back.
All on a sudden it just occurred to me and I wished to acknowledge the same.
My deep gratitude to all my on-line friends for boosting me with the encouraging comments.
My special mention about Dr Subhendu Kar, the renowned poet, who periodically and persistently reminded me to write) .

Swatimalya Chattopadhyay Biography

An M.Tech in Chemical Engg from IIT, Kharagpur, India. Presently working as Asstt.General Manager in Rourkela Steel Plant. Swatimalya had visited the then USSR (Moscow in Russia and Donetsk in Ukrain) from October 1987 to February 1988 on official trip, while being in RDCIS (Research and Development Centre for Iron & Steel) , SAIL (Steel Authority of india Ltd.) . She comperes official functions and the seminars organized by the professional bodies and conducts quiz programmes on technical and general topics. Loves to read poetries and listen to music.At times writes poetries.)

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A Daughter's Gratitude To A Loving Mother

I can renounce all worldly pleasures
To strengthen our bond
Your love, care and concern are my treasures
Which precipitate a coating around
This makes me impervious to malignities outside
All my sufferings get alleviated
When you sit beside.

It reminds me of the school days
When on return throwing the bag,
I would cuddle you for long
And seek shelter in your lap.

From the juvenile to maturity
At the life's vertical shaft
You have shouldered all the burden
To hold me aloft.

But the law of eternity
Will not allow this pair of electrons
To remain in a bond.
Cruel time will snatch one electron
Leaving an ion (Loss of an electron) .

'Births' and ' Rebirths' not known to us
Whether those are true
But if they appear over and over
Shall always pray for a mother like you..

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