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An M.Tech in Chemical Engg from IIT, Kharagpur, India.
Presently working as Asstt.General Manager in Rourkela Steel Plant.

Swatimalya had visited the then USSR (Moscow in Russia and Donetsk in Ukrain) from October 1987 to February 1988 on official trip, while being in RDCIS (Research and Development Centre for Iron & Steel) , SAIL (Steel Autho ...

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A Daughter's Gratitude To A Loving Mother

I can renounce all worldly pleasures
To strengthen our bond
Your love, care and concern are my treasures
Which precipitate a coating around
This makes me impervious to malignities outside
All my sufferings get alleviated
When you sit beside.

It reminds me of the school days
When on return throwing the bag,
I would cuddle you for long
And seek shelter in your lap.

From the juvenile to maturity
At the life's vertical shaft
You have shouldered all the burden
To hold me aloft.

But the law of eternity
Will not allow this pair of electrons
To remain in a bond.
Cruel time will snatch one electron
Leaving an ion (Loss of an electron) .

'Births' and ' Rebirths' not known to us
Whether those are true
But if they appear over and over
Shall always pray for a mother like you..

Swatimalya Chattopadhyay Popularity

Swatimalya Chattopadhyay Popularity

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