Shattered (?) Dream Of A Budding Poet Poem by Swatimalya Chattopadhyay

Shattered (?) Dream Of A Budding Poet

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At the age of twenty five
She discovered her skill
Started writing poetries
With tremendous zeal.

Her pen ran throughout
Like a turbulent flow
Inspirations of relatives
Made her face glow.

She started sending poems
To different journals
All of her initial attempts
Met refusals.

She did not give up
And went on trying
Till she came off
With colours flying.

She then heard about
On-line poetry contests
Wanted to submit poems there
To prove herself best.

'Name, fame, lucrative prizes'
Her thoughts went on
Some poetry must come out
Which should stay on.

Her mind became a search-engine
Of some themes or others
She was on constant look-out
For suitable words.

One day while driving the car
She was daydreaming
As if she had won the contest
And the whole world was felicitating.

Dashed the car against a lamp-post
Accident became fatal
Finally she could survive
With the sacrifice of vision in the hospital.

Her blind days remind her
Of one Aesop's fable
The story is about a milk-woman
Whose milk-pail became unstable.

The milk-woman had daydreamed
And dropped the milk-pail.
The budding poet ruffles her mind
'Do imaginative humans fail? '

Thoughts again creep through her mind,
'Though the milk-woman could not fulfill her ambition
But at least God was kind
She did not lose her vision'.

At last the poet derives her strength
With the thought of John Milton
Clasping her poetry note-book
Resolves, ' I must go on.'


Marieta Maglas 14 June 2009

interesting ideas nicely penned...10++

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Dr.subhendu Kar 17 June 2009

wonderful story of poet by his poetry...I must go on.'....i do enjoy the way you put the story, excellent write,10+++, thanks for sharing

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premji premji 30 June 2009

what to say, a poet is a dreamer...........

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Adi Cox 11 July 2009

This poem highlights the perils of daydreaming. One minute in happy dreamy thoughts avoiding the realities of life, the next testing the reality of a lamp post. BANG! This poem could save lives.10/10.

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Surya . 06 September 2009

vow! what a wonderful poem.inspiring too. is it a real story? thanx for sharing. voted10 surya

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Subroto Chatterjee 18 August 2009

That's the spirit.....ultimately. Cheers. Subroto

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Siddharth Singh 13 August 2009

At last its hope that takes you through. Very nicely written indeed.

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 12 August 2009

At last the poet derives her strength With the thought of John Milton Clasping her poetry note-book Resolves, ' I must go on.'........... dremas may come true but it must go on. that should be the resolve on our part....10 read mine miles to go...... all dreams not come true .

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Chitra - 11 August 2009

a dash of hope stashed dreams...'i must go on'...a beacon of hope is always there...a lovely poem to live by

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