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Hello my name is Sydne though I go by Syd Syd. I have been on this site for many years. It has been years since I have written anything. So far all my work on this site is during my high school years. I have grown as a writer since then so hopefully, later on I can add some more elegant work.

Poetry used to be an amazing outlet for me and I hope to go back to it soon.

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Forbidden Lovers

Take the flower and put it in your hair
show the world your startling beauty
the beauty I once loved
unfortunaley we were forbidden lovers
eating up the passion of our estatic affair
we once couldn't leave the bed
without kisses on the lips, cheeks and forehead
Even with our peers against us I wonder why
we broke apart
taking the all the joy and throwing it down the drain
we were strong together
but weak alone
To this day I remember how you taste
and when I last called your name
to bad we were forbidden lovers
for we could have been great as one
forget the past
but remember the memories
for that is all we have left

Dedicated to Lovers who are kept in the Dark

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Sydne Morris Popularity

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