T.A. Rosenbaum

T.A. Rosenbaum Poems

1. Aeonian Aether 1/6/2012
2. Voyage 1/6/2012
3. A Piece Of Advice I'Ve Found 1/6/2012
4. Trinity 1/6/2012
5. Triplets For A Dying Old Man 1/6/2012
6. The Fox And The Grove 1/6/2012
7. Sonnet Of The Candlewood 1/6/2012
8. The Mariner's Wife 1/6/2012
9. Sages Thoughts, Lovers Hearts 1/6/2012
10. The Days They Fly 1/6/2012
11. When I Die 11/15/2010
12. Karace 11/15/2010
13. Tale Of The Dancers 11/15/2010
14. Good Morning/Good Night 11/15/2010
15. Seasons Of Change 1/6/2012
16. Woe That I Love Thee 1/6/2012
17. Three Haiku 1/6/2012
18. My Heart Is Ours 1/6/2012
19. I'D Wish You'D Gone With Me 1/6/2012
20. Live Until The End 1/6/2012
21. Bells 1/6/2012
22. By Lake, Under Stars, As Before 1/6/2012
23. Aurora's Song 1/6/2012
24. Defiance 1/6/2012
25. Eros 1/6/2012
26. Cliff Above View 1/6/2012
27. I Swear It Is True 1/6/2012
28. Un Re Quiet 1/6/2012
29. Last Kiss 1/6/2012
30. No Words 1/6/2012
31. The End, The Begining 1/6/2012
32. The Shore 1/6/2012
33. Dandelion 1/6/2012
34. A Truth 1/6/2012
35. Calamity 1/12/2012
36. Snowfall 1/12/2012
37. A Bohemian's Query 1/12/2012
38. Wildflower 1/13/2012
39. Baptism 1/30/2012
40. To The Child From The Street Where I Used To Play 3/29/2012

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Best Poem of T.A. Rosenbaum

Sailors' Song

We oft' will share those soft spun lores
'neath the care of that starry dome
Oh! The place our heart most adores
Far removed from those sundering shores
Where ever our souls may roam
This is the place our desire implores, home

O'er those distant and glassy beaches
Though languid and languishing they seem to we
Oh! The mournful distance teaches!
As we sail the far flung reaches
How that ever limitless horizon leaches
And none can hear our mighty plea
For the waving ocean loudly preaches, 'No home to see! '

Home! Where our hearts' shadows' ...

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Tale Of The Dancers

Never touching, always bending, swaying, without refrain
Dance and hope, our swirling figures brush
The rush, so simple, a temple, you and I
Why is it never embrace? No trace, of time gone by
Save the one that's left in the mind, not behind
With you and I, we cannot deny, but must try, to restrain
Though we know not why.
Gently, spirit, gently, this life-fire, will tire, but we'll be evermore
In the mists and shadows, where none go, we'll flow

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