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Restless are the ocean waves
that battle for the land.
Their struggles are so timeless
against the grains of sand.

When all a summer's meadow sleeps,
their howls will fill the air
and high upon a rocky bluff,
the wolves will guard their lair.

Submerged within this peaceful sea
where quiet death has crept.
The surface shimmered above me
from tears as Angels wept.

I heard the howling of the wind
across the drifted snow.
It's icy chill and loneliness
had nowhere else to go.

Hungry, are the wolves that stalk
a winter's frozen lake.
Howling such unearthly sounds,
and keeping us awake.

I walked along a lonely track,
my eye upon the end.
A cold wind blowing at my back,
hard times my only friend.

In a frosty morning's solitude,
sunlight's piercing Autumn leaves.
A peaceful silent interlude
in an endless sea of trees.


We live our lives
from day to day,
tide to moonlit tide.


You hear it in the desert sands
and feel it in the air.
It's crossing over all the lands
from a dark and secret lair.

I seek solace in this dark place every morn
and wake with the coming night.
One day I will awaken from my slumber
to find there is no dawn

The clouds rolled on like ocean waves
In endless shades of gray
to dark and distant hills they spread
the ragged edge of day.

There was a place
so long ago
where Nature cried
in morning's glow.

The eyes of midnight
are not blue
but deep and dark and dead.

What plummets down a rocky gorge
will use the path it helped to forge
and as the roaring stream has grown
it washes smooth the flat creek stone

Terry Finch Biography

A poet and a government worker. Living with family in the Fingerlakes region of upstate NY.)

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Heart Sounds

Restless are the ocean waves
that battle for the land.
Their struggles are so timeless
against the grains of sand.

Swells rising and retreating,
climbing every shore.
Hold a conch shell to your ear
and hear the ocean roar.

Life is like the waves at sea,
gentle in its motion.
A symphony of heartbeats,
lessons in devotion.

Now and then a storm is born,
twenty-five foot waves.
Testing us in the journey,
life sometimes misbehaves.

With a rhythm so hypnotic
and soothing in its guise;
footprints fall into the sea
and fade before your eyes.

Then you hear the waves at night
crashing one by one,
their pounding is so steady,
a skirmish never done.

Looking back, your tracks are gone;
sand has filled them in.
Ocean waves will hide the signs
that you have ever been.

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Terry Finch Popularity

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