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Where is your Holy Ground?
Where is the creator within you?
Where are the places?
There are many in this world,

I lived in the spirit world, for years
where the days had no name
walking a path into a timeless realm

Elkhorn Creek's misty hand spreads out across the verdant fields of Greentree like a ghostly mother tucking her children to bed in the moonlight

Trees, to old to mention, and impossibly health, reign over the rolling landscape, like towers of time, rooted in the soil of Eden

Disagreeable disposition
Disapproving growl
Nose up in your 'buisness'
And a one-eyed Satan scowl

I ain't gonna chase your gutter wisdom
Your mere survival was a turtle crossing the highway miracle
You ARE: 'The King of Pain'
And I, the vain

I have stumbled into this wilderness
This timeless void
Where no light
No friend

Tomorrow, she dies
Just as she has every December
Since she left


She loves you,
in ways she can barely comprehend
The way I wish she could love me

Across the borderline
Without a plan
Whatever happened?
To the 20th Century Man

Thank you for coming forward
Out of the shadows,
Thank you for taking a chance

You're crazy whiskey wisdom
Never made no sense to me

Maybe it was the only way

You can find me
After I'm gone
By following your heart
In some beautiful carefree way

Work In Progress
Proceed With Caution
Some Assembly Required

She waits... ..... impatiently
For the day
When I'm finally free
And on my rusty horse

There is a place
Quiet and serene

Where she sleeps

You can put down your gun
You can put down your pen
Put down your microphone

I was drunk on the whisky
You was drunk on the wine

We was spinnin'

I am nobody
My words mean nothing
I am a ghost
Running out of time

I am enough
I am made of many blessings that I do not understand

I am ancient pottery

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Holy Ground

Where is your Holy Ground?
Where is the creator within you?
Where are the places?
There are many in this world,
Each sacred in many hearts

A certain spot out there
Where someone sleeps
Where dreams are born
And the places where they end
They make us unique
They make us.

The Journey
The Miracles
The Tragedy
The Times
The Youth

Slipping beneath the waves
From whence we came
We saw much
And we're much more
Than we could ever dare to show

Holy Ground
It's everywhere

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