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Where is your Holy Ground?
Where is the creator within you?
Where are the places?
There are many in this world,

I lived in the spirit world, for years
where the days had no name
walking a path into a timeless realm

She searches for me
Through her memories
Through the years
Through the scraps of life

I am here
Hopelessly lost
And destined to die before her
So i write...

I hope she lives forever
Far beyond her death
In her children
Her blood spreading around the word

It's the break of dawn
But there ain't no sun
Birds are singing
The night is done

I missed you today
Like i do everyday
I know you were amazing
But for me, just another day

You can't kill love
It won't ever obey
It'll follow your heart
Every step that you take

I have loved you every moment
Crazy Love
True Love
Forever Love

I wanna shed this fuckin' flesh
Get rid of these ravaged lungs
And say so long

If you've ever made love to a woman
And she looked into your face
As if you were a God
You have truly lived

Let the sun shine down
Let the breeze
Flow under a shady tree
Let your love reign down

Elkhorn Creek's misty hand spreads out across the verdant fields of Greentree like a ghostly mother tucking her children to bed in the moonlight

Trees, to old to mention, and impossibly health, reign over the rolling landscape, like towers of time, rooted in the soil of Eden

Disagreeable disposition
Disapproving growl
Nose up in your 'buisness'
And a one-eyed Satan scowl

I have not always been
Nor will I always be

As I am right now

I gotta shotgun sittin'
Inside of my door
And a hound dog on the porch

You's 21
I's 19
When I first layed eyes upon you

I ain't gonna chase your gutter wisdom
Your mere survival was a turtle crossing the highway miracle
You ARE: 'The King of Pain'
And I, the vain

I have stumbled into this wilderness
This timeless void
Where no light
No friend

Tomorrow, she dies
Just as she has every December
Since she left

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Holy Ground

Where is your Holy Ground?
Where is the creator within you?
Where are the places?
There are many in this world,
Each sacred in many hearts

A certain spot out there
Where someone sleeps
Where dreams are born
And the places where they end
They make us unique
They make us.

The Journey
The Miracles
The Tragedy
The Times
The Youth

Slipping beneath the waves
From whence we came
We saw much
And we're much more
Than we could ever dare to show

Holy Ground
It's everywhere

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