Tabraze Rasul

Tabraze Rasul Poems

1. Burning Little Butterfly 4/22/2007
2. Butterfly Effect 4/22/2007
3. Her Metaphysical Beauty 4/22/2007
4. A Fiery Glow 4/22/2007
5. Ad Infinitum 4/22/2007
6. Delirious Light 4/22/2007
7. Pale Lover 4/22/2007
8. Amaranth 4/22/2007
9. Deliverance 4/22/2007
10. Raindrops 4/22/2007
11. Enchanted 4/22/2007
12. Pleasant Child 4/22/2007
13. Heaven's Gate 4/22/2007
14. When Two Become One 4/22/2007
15. In A Moment 4/22/2007
16. Why Does It Hurt So Much? 4/22/2007
17. Silver Night 4/22/2007
18. Blood Eagle 4/22/2007
Best Poem of Tabraze Rasul

Blood Eagle

Lose the idea of heaven
Sins of mine all seven.
This world’s vices I embrace
Bloody lips, copper aftertaste.
Habitually I take to pray,
God’s wrath without delay
Arrives as I wait…feeble.
Condemned to Blood Eagle
My ribs crack and heave.
My lungs bare, raw they bleed.
He remembers not my pilgrim.
Just another one of His victims

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Ad Infinitum

Effervescent fragrance leaves in her wake,
Her soothing voice my soul it takes
On a heavenly pilgrim where we succumb
To holy passions. My life re-begun,
My candle rekindled in this cosmic karma,
In her passionate embrace I find Nirvana.
As we mingle and intertwine into one,
In love we shall drown- ad infinitum

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