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Loneliness seems to drag us down, even when friends come around. Can’t run fast enough away from depression. Look, it’s now I say my confession. I gave up on you as all the rest. It’s time that I tell the truth. I never trusted you. Thought you would run away. As fast as your little legs could take you. I know that I would have. If I was there look ...

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Nobody Cares

Feeling a little down, like nobody cares
Another day goes on, another silent tear
I cry for what’s forgotten, for what I left behind
I cry for a life once lived, a life that’s so unkind

About Me

By Paul Deakin

If your smile was painted on
A face that knew no joy

My Answer To His Poem

Behind Our Disguise

If I chose to remain behind this painted face
Would you still try to look into my darkened eyes

Lost Without You

Taken for granted
The way that I feel
None of it was fake
All of it was real

Another One Down

I’m looking all around me
At what I used to be
The friends I had by my side
Friendships I thought would never die

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Trinity K 12 October 2006

to kill a person you have become.... that is lifes labour.....dealing with Theself .....thought provoking....

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