Tammara Boyce Poems

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Why Do I?

why do i think about a future when it is too far away?
why do i find it hard to stop my habbits?
why do i keep thinking about things that i should let go?
why do i keep letting myself get hurt?

Love Is Like A Rose

As Age Passes

as age passes we learn what mistakes are,
as age passes we learn how to fix out mistakes,
as age passes we all learn how life can improve,
as age passes we all learn when its time to grow up and act our age.

Life's Mysteries

if life comes before death,
what comes before life?


in life there are many fears.
spiders, dogs, sharks.
in time these fears take over the mind.
may even take over a soul.


Part of life is knowing when to grow up,
but I guess some people just don't know how to.
And because of those people who can't grow up,
others must suffer the conscequences,

Youll Never Know

You'll never know
you'll never know;
the way i lust u,
the way i look at u,

In Life

In Life
in life, u learn who ur real friends are.
in life, u learn who u can and cant trust.
in life, u learn from mistakes, gud and bad.

Life's Too Short

life is too short.
so dont dwell on your mistakes.
life is too short.
so tell the people you love how much they mean to you.

Personal Images

Personal images
every person hates something about themselves.
their facial features,
their body features,

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