Tara Acharya Poems

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Love It Is! ! !

I asked the breeze what it is,
pure it said, ask the flower

I asked the flower what it is,

Unconditional Love

When I am lonely he is there
We fight, we care
We love, we share
We are not foes and not just friends

Brush Of Love! ! !

Hold me in you arms
So tight, even the air cudn’t pass
Lets feel the heart beat
The beat when two hearts meet

You Made Me Feel

You made me laugh,
You made me cry.
The look in your eyes,
Made me shy.

Hungry For Love

I am hungry, I am hungry
I cried out loud, I am thirsty
Eat this bread and milk so hot
Look what all we have bought

Call Out My Name! ! !

When you were alone,
I filled your life.

The smile you forgot,

Got Your Heart...................

The sky seems so bright today
Why I float on the breeze today
People who never had a ray
Why are they laughing today?


Seasons do change
People walk in your life
Some stay with you
Others leave and go

The God Who Lives Within

Why do we have to listen to this chant?
They don’t make any sense to me
Why Gods are kept to temples, church and mosque
Isn’t he in the smile of the child?


I have heard of its colour
I have seen it all around
But never new its flavour
Now I hear its beautiful sound

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