Tatiana Berdennikova Poems

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I never thought I could or if I ever would
Recover from an old and painful wound.
It nested in my heart corrupting soul and mind;
Dark shadows cast over to keep me blind.

The Queen

Don't test the Queen, she always wins
Against all odds, despite your whims.
Manipulation, control and abuse
Are no use, you are bound to fail and lose.

The Winter Cake Recipe

This recipe for a hearty winter cake
Is eco-friendly, healthy and no-bake.
Find the ingredients outside your door
Or at the local Mother Nature store.


In the sublime domain of dreams, heavens below,
A celestial craftsman tunes your destiny's glow.
He ploughs the field of fate for the soul to grow
First, lifting it up in the skies and then letting go.

The Artist's Brush

The artist's brush is a magic wand
Breathing the spirit of a doting bond
Into the hushed motionless flatness
Of a dismal lifeless canvas.

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