Destiny Poem by Tatiana Berdennikova


Rating: 5.0

In the sublime domain of dreams, heavens below,
A celestial craftsman tunes your destiny's glow.
He ploughs the field of fate for the soul to grow
First, lifting it up in the skies and then letting go.
Destiny wonders where the wind will blow -
The intricate path for your soul to flow;
The primal master plan you will never know.

The arcane artist grants your innermost will,
But YOU choose the paints - it's a fair deal;
The spectrum of infinite rays is your steering wheel.
Trying to balance between extremes you feel
Destiny changing colours and whims to fulfil
Your life's secret mission; but still
The truth escapes and mocks your skill.

Destiny winks and gives a glimpse of the unknown -
A shimmering skyline of the Twilight Zone
Vaguely pierced with a vibrant musical tone.
In a flash the insight blurs and dims until gone;
No trail to blaze, no sound to devour. Alone
You beg to be free turning prayer into a groan.
If heard, you might get the Philosopher's Stone.

Thursday, January 12, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: spiritual
Unnikrishnan E S 21 January 2017

Hi Tatiana, Your second poem on ph. A totally different one here. On the divine dispositions. It echoes the old saying, Man proposes, God disposes. And, In a flash the insight blurs and dims until gone; Very nice poem.. The idea of the poem beautifully expressed, with conviction. Again, you have a tremendous control over your vocabulary; alwaya the righ word at the right place. And it rhymes, without any effort.. It is the philosophy, I beg to differ. The Hindu philosophy sings a different tune. Bhagavat Gita says: Uddharet Aatman Aatmanam Na Aatmanam Avasadayet Aatmasya hi aatmano bandhu- ratmaiva ripuratmana. (Man has to lift himself by his own self alone and not lower himself; for, this self alone is his friend and this self is his enemy too.) This might not be entire true about our worldly possessions; but it is entirely true about our spiritual possessions. Hope the entire world listens.. A 100++ foe your poem. Do continue to write ans share....

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