Salvation Poem by Tatiana Berdennikova


Rating: 5.0

I never thought I could or if I ever would
Recover from an old and painful wound.
It nested in my heart corrupting soul and mind;
Dark shadows cast over to keep me blind.

A crestfallen hermit among the people,
Tired of the endless fight against the evil,
Betrayed, abandoned and besieged
I looked for refuge that was never reached.

Salvation came when hope was lost.
When winter settled as my only host,
A beam of light from a higher dimension
Melted the ice with its zealous affection.

Still shaken by the belated release,
In disbelief it's not another fatal tease,
My jaded spirit escaped from seclusion
Forsaking the crumbled mind delusion.

Monday, December 12, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: spiritual
Fabrizio Frosini 12 December 2016

may I express my point of view frankly? I like your poem - your 1st here - but the last line sounds as an abrupt 'truncation'.. ''better late than never'' * is not the best 'finale' for such a good poem * it can surely be 'factual', but not 'original' ;) do not take this as a 'bad review'; quite the opposite: I want to emphasize the positive side of your composition so, please, do not misinterpret my words, ok? ciao and.. keep on posting F

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Tatiana Berdennikova 13 December 2016

I am most grateful for your sincere and honest opinion. I agree that the finale may sound ordinary and trivial as the expression better late than never is used far too often. The poem is a mirror reflection of my state of mind at the time it was composed. That was exactly how I felt escaping from the harsh realities of everyday life. I had no intention of claiming originality by sharing my feelings through poetry. I perceived it more as a self healing therapy. Undeniably, there is always room for improvement and perfection and next time I will try to do better. Thank you once again for your most valuable review.

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Katinka Havermans 30 January 2017

Very beautiful and moving Tatiana

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Tatiana Berdennikova 31 January 2017

Thank you Katinka.

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Unnikrishnan E S 21 January 2017

Hi Tatiana, Welcome to PH. Your first poem on ph, I believe. Yes, some wounds are hard to heal, take more time. But time is the best healer. And above all, finding a vent for one's pent-up emotions do help. Poetry is definitely a good one at that. I do believe that writing this down and sharing it with such talented artists like Dr Fabrisio Frasini, Barry Middleton, Pamela Sinicorpe, Susan Williams, Nosheen Irfan, Aarzoo Mehek is a great experience. And I find you equally talented. A crestfallen hermit among the people, Tired of the endless fight against the evil, Betrayed, abandoned and besieged I looked for refuge that was never reached Well worded, real poetry.. The choice of words, rhyming, is such that the pain of betrayal is conveyed to the reader, and the reader is almost able to read the mind of the poet. Great achievement. Good to read. Shall come back to read again...a 100++ is so low for this exquisite piece.

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Barry Middleton 24 December 2016

I always feel that an emotionally honest poem is a good poem. I especially love the first two verses which I think many will identify with. Many of us are still seeking some form of salvation. Welcome to poemhunter.

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Tatiana Berdennikova 24 December 2016

Thank you Barry. I've been struggling to send you a reply from a hotel in France. I hope it will go through. I've read your biography. You brought so much light and hope to people in need. It must feel very satisfying and fulfilling. I admire your choice.

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Chinedu Dike 13 December 2016

Beautiful piece of poetry, well articulated and elegantly brought forth in good rhyme scheme with conviction. Lovely poem written with spiritual insight. Thanks for sharing Tatiana. Please read my poem CHILDREN OF CRUEL FATE.

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Tatiana Berdennikova 15 December 2016

Thank you Chinedu

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Fabrizio Frosini 13 December 2016

thank you, Tatiana. I'm glad to hear that you've understood the sense of my words. Keep on posting!

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