Taylor Hodges Poems

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Is It Really A Heart?

What is it inside that heart of yours?
Could you even call it a heart?
Your heart is not a heart.
It is a cold block of ice resting inside the deep cavity they call a body.

For Suzie

Stand tall, look out at the ocean, you deserve that.
Not just the surface,
But the entirety and depth that holds every drop.
Pick up a handful of white beach sand,

Haunted Memories

Still lying in bed,
Late morning,
And through the curtains in my room,
The color of air is burning amber.


Her skin
Brightened in pale light
The moon shone on, and
There he sat,


Waves from the ocean crash along the beach,
There is a breeze blowing across my skin.
It feels like a warm breath on my bare shoulders
Summer should be carefree

I Am Me

Godforsaken tragedy
My mistaken sanity
I have one last memory
Of the girl i wanna be

Wasteland Nightmares

I'm standing in a wasteland,
Dark nothingness pauses at my fingertips,
Then envelops me.
These are times that take every ounce of strength


Tragedy overruns me...
Forgotten love is falling, fallen... Gone.
Down to a point of complete solitude
Dark in the fortress of my mind

Newfound Secrets

It was night, and there were no stars.
Innocent curiosity got the best of us
and we spoke to one another. A laugh
started it and, of course, a hint of dramatic

The One Who Got Away

We were best friends
You were driven
By passion
A writer and an artist you had been.

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