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Terese Svoboda Poems

1. Caned 8/26/2014
2. Glass Of Water Encounter 8/26/2014
3. Thanatos Machine 8/26/2014
4. Dove Intensive 8/26/2014
5. Bad Neighbor 8/26/2014
6. Hamlet In Hirsute 8/26/2014
7. The Blank Of America 8/26/2014
8. Body Mostly Flown 8/26/2014
9. Countess Lethargy 8/26/2014
10. Jamaican Idol 8/26/2014
11. Hope Wanted Alive 8/26/2014
12. Motion Makes Us Cough 8/26/2014
13. Love Light (Schadenfreude) 8/26/2014
14. Selected Imagery Based On Physical Gesture 8/26/2014
15. Whale Watch 8/26/2014
16. Cycles 8/26/2014
17. Aphra Plays 8/26/2014
18. The Listener 12/12/2006
19. Bridge, Mother 12/12/2006

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Best Poem of Terese Svoboda

Bridge, Mother

Mother burns on the other side of the bridge.
Mother burns the bridge and is safe on the other side.
Mother is not on the bridge when it burns.
When Mother says Burn, the bridge burns.
We can't get to the other side.
The bridge is burning.

Mother is the bridge that we burn.
She is how we get to the other side.
We can't burn the bridge without her.
Mother burns and we burn, bridge or no bridge.
She is on the other side.
Nothing burns the bridge, and then it burns.

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Thanatos Machine

You don't need a machine to do that.
A plastic bag will do. But he built it,
his tools cast about in the unit
while he got up his nerve to use it.

Nothing more was stored there.
A poured cement floor, a triple-locked door
after door after door down a corridor
reeking with the odor of everything over.

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