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everyday its me and my board
everyday i skate
skate the life
life of a skater

sitting in class
living life like a broken piece of glass
never knowing when that glass is going to be a straight piece
a piece where everything goes right

days float like air
days go by like the speed of light
like the light that's never seen
people take advantage over life

everyday i wish i could go
go with you
or just be there
but no im stuck here

today is the day i will live
live the life of a free
and never see
behind me

the day i left
it was a day that changed my life
lost the life of a teenage kid
the kid that did what he wanted

today was a crazy day
you helped me pay
my respects to you

today i learned alot
i have never realized
how much he cares
i give him props

All my life
i held back the tear's
i hold back in fear

Today is that day
that one that i had to say
i sorry for doing things my way
Today is that day

I will do what ever it takes
to make it for me to go home
or to let me be free
i just wish that i can be

things are getting harder
i dont know whats happening
i am becoming farther
farther away from treatment

There is this girl
i wish i could just say
that i want her to stay
on my mind

this life is new
its new to me and you
no one ever thought i would do it
but i have the choice to prove them wrong

why is it so hard
why do i have to live with gaurds
all i ask is why
why do you make it this way


why did i fall for it again
why did i make myself start to begin
i wish i could have her again
i wish we could go another round

everyday i wish i was there
everyday i hope to wake up
with you by my side
i build up my pride

you never know how long your relationship is going to last
you never know when your going to fast
you never know when your love is lying in the past
you never know when your going to lay in a casket

What come's next
is it the cop's
is my life going for hop's

times get hard
i run away
feel the pain
i get high

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Skate Life

everyday its me and my board
everyday i skate
skate the life
life of a skater
people look at us different
people look at us the wrong way
people look at us like were wrong
wrong for doing what we love
skateboarding is life
its not just a sport
its more than that
but outsiders dont see that
they dont see the heart behind it
people just criticize it
criticize something we love
skateboarding is more than
than what peole see
skateboarders are more
more than just friends
were family

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