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There’s moment of sorrow
Clouding the day ahead,
Turning upside down –
The ecstasy behind –

Like a “glass menagerie, ”
True self reveals when open and broken.
Two hearts inlove unmasked
bound to be discovered,

Father let me hear your

Voice when doubts overshadow me.

Mother Teresa I heard all your stories
I can only remember your veil and fragile skin.
Pulled and mired by this insecure world
As I watched you on my TV’s screen.

No pain nor sorrow is the place will I be.
Far in the galaxy, pure beauty surrounds me
Angelic face of peace here I beheld
Voiceless voice in me hears thunder

Sweetheart how I long to hold you tight,
In this magnificent night.
I think of us, and our playful pillow fight.
Let’s send our sweet kisses tonight

Rising sun in the east,
Warming my silken face,
As I let the sunrays in to my morning quest.
This cathedral of hope churning my inner self.

Once on a wintry day,
Down in yonder land.
In snow boots, winter coats and mitten
As everyone walked robotic.

This is a day to remember,
A joyful day in winter,
As I walked in the fallen snow,
Upon the hills I go.

You are my canopy
In this whirlwind – tide;
You bring inspiration
Like a dropped of a morning dew.


Why this love keeps on walking in my door
When I close it, it keeps knocking more,
I try to hide under a weeping tree,
He's there staring at me.

Adult in a sandwich generation.
Relentless responsibility,
Child growing,
Parents aging.

In my dream you and I laughing
You open the door to my imagination
Like a nymph, dressed in white satin.
Coyly I combed my black silky hair,

Mesmerized by the possibility of love,
Bed of roses our escapades;
Only to discover it was love in vain.
Groping the bed, empty as a nest,

It’s spring! need a cleaning,
The gutter of my cobweb mind.
Dusty old window, crooners egg lit dust mite,
Is playing havoc in the corner of my room.

Today is spring and sunny weather.
My soul and spirit is up,
Let’s celebrate it.

Cradle me with your arm
Under the tree of love
Tell me this will last.
Wipe the tears of my eyes

Silence must be heard
Orator is standing up on stage
To share his ode of love
Of poetry –

I am tired
And mired.
Affliction is going wild,

I have a dream…
A dream of resurrection
A nation divided
Will unite the south

Tess Rockenstire Biography

A mom who love the Lord, and inspired to write poety of a very special friend. Educated in the Philippines from Elementary School to College. Have a degreee in Secondary Education in English, and filipino language. A nurse by profession, specializing in Diabetic nursing In upstate New York. I must confess that I wasn't particular in poetry writing. I hated the fact while going through school in my Bachelor degree in teaching, the enormous thought that I have to put through my peewee brain. I could remember sitting in my english class learning the Methology, Shakespeare, English Litareture, and American literature as the most boring some subject. However, it all changed in the later years. How I wished I could revived the years I have wasted in learning writing poetry. But today is a new dawn of hope, and I a feel ressurected.)

The Best Poem Of Tess Rockenstire

An Enigma Of Today

There’s moment of sorrow
Clouding the day ahead,
Turning upside down –
The ecstasy behind –
I lifted my eyes to the horizon,
Sweet fragrance of golden trees
An innate power –
Released an enigma –
The power of today
Is at hand
Dig in the light
As it touch you by.

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Tess Rockenstire Popularity

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