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thaddeus dugan Poems

1. The Criminal Justice Empire 1/24/2012
2. Building Flowers 1/29/2012
3. The Chains 1/30/2012
4. Having Known Love Myself Before Pursuing Anothers! 2/2/2012
5. Foolishness Is The Beleif Our Souls Would Ever Mate 2/3/2012
6. Aphrodites Rain 2/4/2012
7. Loves Sick Health 2/6/2012
8. Loves Treason 2/9/2012
9. Magnificent 3/12/2012
10. A Lovers Grasp 3/12/2012
11. A Conceit, Love 11/3/2012
12. A Subconscience's Respite 12/8/2012
13. Reflections 1/17/2013
14. Demons 2/7/2013
15. Searches 1/20/2012
16. Pieces Of Me 1/20/2012
17. Love Persuade 1/20/2012
18. Ode To Aleana On Her Birthday January 23 1/22/2012
19. The Fray 1/23/2012
Best Poem of thaddeus dugan

The Fray

I the thread that kept the fray
Tightly between chaos and life
Now abandoned disarray
Meloncholy calls showing chao's knife
The days on which anothers love could have been tasted
Thank you defeat, now love bitter wasted
Why do you stalk and capture the night
when awoke I see you flee from its sight
Why must dreams be corrupted unawares
Of the darkness that awakes a still chilling stare
Why do I shed a useless tear
When you've left me with nothing
Absolutely nothing to fear

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Building Flowers

All tears who were able left none unwept
The sorrow drown cries, the dryness accept
Rage and revenge mingle while agony clap
The fury devise plans wrought by hates trap
Wandering ingenuous gathers
The minor setback
Planting after fall reproduces September towers
Toils through tempests biding wholesome showers
A major comeback

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