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I love a good story
Where the hero prevails
Where the princess is captured
And the peasants tell tales

Early one evening
I caught the lore
Of the fresh air
From the calm sea shore

Over the hill and through the gate
In the love and past the hate
A land far beyond your mind
So sacred that its hard to find

One day I died
And found true peace
Where all violence
Doth do cease

To put my thoughts on paper
Takes a lot of time
Cause first I must remember
Then make sure they rhyme

On the verge of tears
Is not a happy place
Its one of great distress
And one of huge disgrace

All day long
I sit and wait
I work real hard
But don't stay late

I may not last forever
Or even another day
But my words will last an eternity
And never fade away

A little girl standing lonely
Wishing to play but only
She was new and had no friends
So she would stand alone for days on end

I’ve tried to fight
To stand my ground
Now I’m just dead
My heart not to be found

The Devil From Hell Biography

I'm 16. Confused nuts and hyper. I'm very violent. I sometimes become gender confused. I have the same description as a dog but I act like a cat. I'll friends with anyone. I love random people they're awesome. But I hate backstabbers. Thats me in a summary I guess.)

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A Good Story

I love a good story
Where the hero prevails
Where the princess is captured
And the peasants tell tales

Where the villains are scary
Wicked and cruel
The prisoners are sad
And eat lots of gruel

I love a good story
With twist plots and turns
With fearless heroes
That have cut scars and burns

I love them suspenseful
Dramatic and fast
With humor and terror
Now those are a blast

I love them with music
Poets and art
With inspiring notes
That come from the heart

I love ones with mystery
Deductions and all
Where the clues keep on coming
Way after their call

A good book itself
Is way divine
Their almost never
To hard to find

And if one day
You take a look
Then you’ll love what I love
Inside a good book

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The Devil From Hell Popularity

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