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i saw a new poet
best i dont say her name
she posted 40 poems
and not a comment to her fame.

The relativity of time -
It changes everything
in your mind.

Who said, 'love lasts forever'
forever was a fool,
for love did me in,
love killed me good!

I took her home,
she died today,
after doctors gave up hope.

i see a new poet 
best i dont say her name
she's posting 40 poems 
and not a comment to her fame.

Noble Kings have reigned.

Great Pharos have ruled.

March of 2007,
and I'm posting poems -
Good poems! the best I've ever written! .
They're exploding into my head faster than jet puffed popcorn in my microwave

Oh Yes, I'm a bonfide hobbler! , born and bred
on the concrete streets of the Bronx,
jogging my way into oblivion, jogging my way to no knee joints.
I jogged and i jogged and i jogged

When i was a child going to school,
I couldn't wait until the weekend would come
but once it arrived, it was the next weekend
I yearned for and after that it was summer and then christmas

I remember her.

So very long ago,
I loved her.

Between shadow and light,
By the bone white of moon,
In cemetery meadows
of melancholy gloom

Each hole
has taken a piece of my soul.
and irreperrible

In an old cemetery
by the sea,
I buried my father
then they buried me,

Buried, beneath the ground so deep
no soul on earth can find,
I buried the only woman I loved
in her grave and in my mind.

All those years, she baked us cookies, made us candies, gave us sweets!
Every night- she tucked me in-
she put her memories in my dreams!

If only, i could dream of heaven
If only, I could see His splender

There are no lessons left in life.
It soon will be my turn to die

There are no prayers left to learn.

There is no hope in hell my friend,
You can scream until you're deaf.
But God will never hear you
and the devil knows you're dead

4 walls, a ceiling, and a covered window instead of bars - my nursing home cage.
....and I can hear it!  
on and on it plays, over and over again! a relentless high pitched, synthetic, flute - like muzak pumped in over the nursing home speakers! - the sound of a bird attacked by a rodent! .
.and it keeps on playing playing, playing,

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Why The Poets Die Quickly At Poemhunter.Com

i saw a new poet
best i dont say her name
she posted 40 poems
and not a comment to her fame.
surely enough, she disappeared from this site
and an eager new poet soon came to light.
64 poems, he posted in a row!
and not a single comment would ever be told.
so he vanished quickly to parts unknown
For poets here read only poems of their own

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Professor Plum 31 August 2014

This guy is good. Really good. Should have been a cobbler by profession. Barely missed having a really cool name.

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