Why The Poets Die Quickly At Poemhunter.Com Poem by the hobbler

Why The Poets Die Quickly At Poemhunter.Com

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i saw a new poet
best i dont say her name
she posted 40 poems
and not a comment to her fame.
surely enough, she disappeared from this site
and an eager new poet soon came to light.
64 poems, he posted in a row!
and not a single comment would ever be told.
so he vanished quickly to parts unknown
For poets here read only poems of their own

Monday, August 25, 2014
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Chuy Amante 25 August 2014

Why does one post? Why does one comment? Why does one stay? Why does on leave?

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Patti Masterman 27 March 2017

Too often is true. My favorite is poets who email me with a request to read their 'poems for humanity'; as they are very renowned and famous already (in their own minds lol) and will surely become a legend and why don't I want to hop onto the caboose of their climb to fame....Sorry to hear of your husband's health troubles.

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Rebecca Lyle 27 March 2017

Nicely written, hopefully not too true. y husband had 2 strokes and a heart attack in the last 4 months. I plan on reading much more poetry from others soon. I agree some only post same as the sites I run on Facebook. i am the President of World union of Poets for Ohio, there is one in every state and most every country in the world. Nice to chat with you.

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Practicing Poetess 24 March 2017

For poets here read only poems of their own- - - That's not true; I've read 2 of yours already! :) Poets are like an elite club of creative minds who thrive/are inspired in the creative atmosphere of each others' company. Empty is the soul who joins the site only to receive positive strokes from others. Were their poems even any good? To have a friend, one has to be a friend. Had those poets who poofed been wise, they would have realized they ccould have garnered points AND made friends by reading the works of others!

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Piyush Dey 31 August 2014

i agree with mr. Somamathan lyer. comments surely come if one can relate to the poem. but i also think that until and unless you don't comment on others poems, you too will have a little chance of getting some because this site is vast and you need connect with others by commenting on their poems, otherwise you would be merely isolated.

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Somanathan Iyer 25 August 2014

comments come if poem appeals some. A poet need not be bothered about bouquets and brickbats. We should keep on writing. some day world will applaud!

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