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You're so often misunderstood
They don't listen, nor do they care
It makes you sad, it makes you mad
It makes you wanna pull your hair

Laying here alone and lonely
My eyes are closed but I'm not sleeping
A cold wind blows through lace curtains
Out in the moonlight heartache's creeping

The France I remember
Is the France I saw through your eyes
I kissed your lips of red
Under the cloudless, blue French sky

I glance at the calendar
With anticipatory glee
I notice that its Tuesday,
The day you said you'd be with me

I search for one to play my game,
To fall in Creepy Crawly's net
It cannot be just anyone,
She'll be unique, the one I get

Dear Mom, I don't know if you'll get this
But I'm sending it anyway
It's been so long since I've seen your face
And there's a lot I have to say

I'm done sitting here waiting on you
I'm done expecting you to come through

I'm done with crying myself to sleep

Staring in the mirror at the stranger that is me, I wonder to myself when exactly did I forget what it was to be a woman? I close my eyes and try to remember the feeling of my child suckling at my breast, but it eludes me…I have forgotten the pain of childbirth.

There's not enough darkness in all the world
To extinguish the light of your candle
A thousand others couldn't take your place
Nor could a thousand feet fill your sandal

Darkness took over me long ago
When I first scratched the surface of love
Tumultuous waves of emotion
I could hardly hold my head above

You act so casual
While you break my heart,
Tearing me apart
Then leaving me here to fend for myself

You call it the brutal truth
All these hatreds that you spew
You try to force on others
The faults that you find in you

His name was Dennis Rader
He was a dog catcher by trade
But that was just a cover
For the more evil game he played

Floating on the tears of a woman
Men approach the shores of life
Sons born with the sins of their father
And forgiven by his wife

Summertime sun shines on my face
Soft winds hold me in their embrace

Honeysuckle scents, morning dew
Fields of cornflower, bright and blue

I denied his existence from my first missed period to my last labor pain, as if pretending that the baby kicking inside my belly was merely indigestion would actually make it so. However, it soon became very apparent that I was heavy with child and it wasn't long after that he made his way, kicking and screaming, into the world.

I go through each day the same old way
And it's all black and white to me
The same old faces, the same old places
And nothing different do I see

Will you lay with me in my field of dreams?
Will you use your love to quiet my screams?

Will you dry my tears with your kisses sweet?
Will you lay your sword gently at my feet?


Still suffering the pains of my youth
A forgotten child, left alone
Torn much too young from my mothers breast
And left lying naked and prone

With her picture in his pocket,
A young soldier goes to war.
Though he doesn't want to leave her,
Or know what he's fighting for.

The Poet Darkling Biography

I was born a stain on my mother’s heart, a constant and unwanted reminder of a man she despised, ironically, at the end of ‘the summer of love”, and, in stark contrast to my ensuing life, under the sign of Libra, which is ruled by Venus, the Roman goddess of love, on September 29th 1967. I have lived an unimaginable life full of horror, abuse and atrocity, but it also held a lot of love and positive experience. It has taken me a lifetime to realize that the demons that haunt me are of my own making, and to take responsibility for my share of the disappointments I have had. I am at a place in my life where I may not yet be comfortable in my skin, but I'm learning to like it, and I'm growing emotionally, spiritually and mentally every day. You will find a lot of my work raw and intense, written with an 'in your face' attitude, not because that's a front I put up, but because that is ME. I'm honest and forthright and so is my poetry. But I have a big heart too, and I dole out my affection generously. I don't promise you'll like what you read, and that's ok...everyone to his own taste, but I do promise you that I have given every piece my 100% best effort, and I thank you for taking the time to read. Ever your fan, The Poet Darkling)

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You're so often misunderstood
They don't listen, nor do they care
It makes you sad, it makes you mad
It makes you wanna pull your hair

Why don't they try to understand
Why don't they listen, can't they hear?
You always try to shine your light
Why can't they see you standing there?

You're so often misunderstood
You try to tell them how you feel
But they always turn a deaf ear
They don't care to help you heal

So you need to understand yourself
And only on yourself depend
‘cuz other people come and go
But you're with yourself till the end

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