Thomas Hood

(1789-1845 / London / England)

Thomas Hood Poems

1. The Lost Heir 1/6/2015
2. Sonnet To My Wife 4/5/2010
3. Sonnet -Written In Keats 4/5/2010
4. The Lee Shore 4/5/2010
5. The Mary (A Sea-Side Sketch) 4/5/2010
6. The Key (A Moorish Romance) 4/5/2010
7. To Fancy 4/5/2010
8. The Exile 4/5/2010
9. Ode To W. Kitchener, M.D. 4/5/2010
10. That Flesh Is Grass Is Now As Clear As Day 4/5/2010
11. Sigh On, Sad Heart, For Love's Eclipse 4/5/2010
12. She's Up And Gone, The Graceless Girl 4/5/2010
13. The Plea Of The Midsummer Fairies 4/5/2010
14. The Two Swans (A Fairy Tale) 4/5/2010
15. Time, Hope And Memory 4/5/2010
16. To An Absentee 4/5/2010
17. To An Enthusiast 4/5/2010
18. Sonnet (Written In A Volume Of Shakespeare) 4/5/2010
19. Let Us Make A Leap, My Dear 4/5/2010
20. Sonnet For The 14th Of February 4/5/2010
21. Ode To Rae Wilson Esq. 4/5/2010
22. The Workhouse Clock 4/5/2010
23. The Forsaken 4/5/2010
24. To A Child Embracing His Mother 4/5/2010
25. The Poet's Portion 4/5/2010
26. Love, Dearest Lady, Such As I Would Speak 4/5/2010
27. The Lady's Dream 4/5/2010
28. To A Cold Beauty 4/5/2010
29. Ode To The Great Unknown 4/5/2010
30. Sonnet On Receiving A Gift 4/5/2010
31. The Two Peacocks Of Bedfont 4/5/2010
32. To Hope 4/5/2010
33. Ode To The Moon 4/5/2010
34. Still Glides The Gentle Streamlet On 4/5/2010
35. There Is Dew For The Flow'Ret 4/5/2010
36. Lines On Seeing My Wife And Two Children Sleeping In The Same Chamber 4/5/2010
37. The Cigar 4/5/2010
38. The Lament Of Toby, The Learned Pig 4/5/2010
39. The Sea Of Death 4/5/2010
40. Lycus The Centaur 4/5/2010

Comments about Thomas Hood

  • Collette Anne Kearns Collette Anne Kearns (10/7/2015 10:49:00 AM)

    My Mother loved this poem. the last few lines made her sad though. She would often comment that the speaker should have been closer to Heaven the older he became.

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  • Dan Reynolds Dan Reynolds (9/23/2014 7:32:00 AM)

    You show some promise, but the archaic language lets you down. Try to read some good contemporary poets and expand your thoughts without the restriction of form.

  • David Solomon (10/4/2009 3:26:00 PM)

    what a meaningful poem that taught me the meaning of sacrifice, the woman decided to make a song of her pains to make the rich happy although the song will never reach the rich

Best Poem of Thomas Hood

I Remember, I Remember

I Remember, I Remember

I remember, I remember
The house where I was born,
The little window where the sun
Came peeping in at morn;
He never came a wink too soon
Nor brought too long a day;
But now, I often wish the night
Had borne my breath away.

I remember, I remember
The roses red and white,
The violets and the lily cups--
Those flowers made of light!
The lilacs where the robin built,
And where my brother set
The laburnum on his birthday,--
The tree is living yet!

I remember, I remember
Where I was used to ...

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The Song Of The Shirt

The Song of the Shirt

With fingers weary and worn,
With eyelids heavy and red,
A woman sat, in unwomanly rags,
Plying her needle and thread--
Stitch! stitch! stitch!
In poverty, hunger, and dirt,
And still with a voice of dolorous pitch

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