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Hush, Listen, Read!

Not because you don’t have the inclination
To fathom my accent means that I’m dumb
This is some prove of your tunnel vision
Stop talking, ‘cause when you speak, I hear a thump

Friendship Defined

What else can I say
Of color, creed, state or race?
We chat as if we’ve been old friends
But what’s the boundary, but what’s the difference

Goodbye Kanthari

As the old adage, goodbye is the saddest word to say
But I’m saying it with the assurance that you have given
By helping us to rediscover ourselves in two hundred and thirteen days
Of which time, our disillusionment transformed into a passion in flames

Homeless Royals

Before they arrived, we used to be so undisturbed
From far and near, we hailed our friends; they stayed
And they've quickly explored, uncovered, discovered and conquered
Every stone, and every stem, even this clay on which we pray

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My name is Thomas M. Sarko, and I am an activist. My vision is to create spaces for young Liberians to better their lives through the use of art.

Over the past ten years, I have led many grassroots initiatives through sports and sanitation, together with programs on peace building, education and leadership.

Growing up in post-war Libe ...

Thomas Sarko Popularity