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For thy heart beats of pain.
For it yearns for love
Yet, love is not on the scale
of gain.

Your indomitable spirit will always be with me.
For as you continue to fight for life,
I will continue to fight with thee,
day in or night.

Remembering all of those late nights seeing
the shadows of your silhouette.
My heart begins to pound like a
damsel indistress.

You toss and turn in your sleep
Having the same nightmare one wants to conquer
and beat.
Swift images appear in your mind.

Founded in 1906,
Being the first of it's kind,
there were no warnings, disguise or

Family is the worlds greatest
For it's priceless, precious, and timeless in all
that it measures.

From politics to humanities tricks,
out cries continues to pour in
on a candles wick.
bringing upcoming havoc

For the struggle is never over for
From sleeping on the streets to

Oneday we will encounter again.
Until then,
I felt the need to tell the world
you were a good mother and friend.

The morning shines in thine eyes,
thinking about that special someone you
now dispise.
Wondering why thy ever fell in love,

For God is my strength and power,
For he gives me a reason to awake
and climb obstacles and towers.
For He is the creator of my being,

Altercations strike the neighborhood.

Highest ideals and intellect
were born to three men named

Your smile use to light up my
You use to say... If i can't i just might.
Through all of those years i've spent with

I come to you from the land.
Making tribute to Cleveland's finest
With appreciation, love and kindness.
Red hats and associates

And she is a mixture for disaster or is it?
For he comes to you with all of the equations

Driving down a dark street,
raging havoc
on the person one seeks.
Smokin' on the Mary J.,

Who Are You?
The one that stole my heart
For you are the air to my breath
The beat to my heart


Just meeting a couple of times with those dark
brown eyes.
I never knew that you would be the one on my


For it's been 3 years since i lost you to
For i look at your picture everyday...
asking the question...Why?

Tiffany Saxon Biography

I have used my poetry as a key to open the door to positive relationships with Velocity Productions (film: HIP HOP 4 LIFE*produced by: T-Saxx Entertainment) TIFFANY SAXON / Tiffany Saxon Brown, American Cancer Society, Easter Seals, American Heart Association, The World Trade Center Memorial Foundation, Hilltop Records, Library of Poetry, Famous Poets Society, The International Society Of Poets. Poetry has presented me with numerous awards, certificates, trophies and letters of praise, including an inspiring letter from former president William Clinton.I've also been nominated for poet of the year from the international Society of poets for 2007 and recieved editor's choice award, from the International Library of poets 2007. I've also been published on Taken It Global for 2007. Became a Chartered member of the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation for 2007. And has been included to be published in Anthology from Noble House Publishers called' Centres Of Expression' which will be released in the winter of 2008. Nominated for Poetry Ambassador 2006 from International Library Of Poets, Nominated for Poetry Ambassador 2007 from The International Library Of Poets. League Of American Poets 2006, League Of American Poets 2007, Have featured poem at Poetry Soup 2007, pubished - PoetBay 2007, Poemsabout 2007, and 2007. Editors Choice Award (International Library Of Poetry) 2007. Poetry Ambassador 2007 Award (International Library OF Poetry. Certificate of Appreciation from Easter Seals Foundation 2007. Chartered member of the Martin Luther King Memorial Foundation 2007. Transitional Housing of cleveland used poem ' God's Chosen Ones ' in ceremonies for the homeless 2006-2007. EDITOR'S CHOICE 2007 AWARD ' GOD'S CHOSEN ONES' INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF POETS. TV APPEARANCE ON ' A WOMEN'S POINT' - TIME WARNER CABLE STUDIO'S OCT 2007. PRESENTED 2 LIMITED EDITION PHOTOS OF (WORLD TRADE CENTER) FROM MAYOR MICHAEL R. BLOOMBERG / NATIONAL SEPTEMBER 11 MEMORIAL & MUSEUM AT THE WORLD TRADE CENTER SEPT 2007. Publication in the Compendium Of Poetry...THE BEST POEMS AND POETS OF 2007; I.L.P 'FOR GOD' Featured on Jan 2008. Editor's Choice Award 2008; I.L.P Nominated Poet Of The Year 2008; I. S. P. S Convention & Symposium. 2008 NAACP Supporter. Featured Poem ' Lady Madonna' - Poetry Soup 2007. Featured Poem ' If Only You Knew '- Poetry Soup 2008 Film ' HIP HOP 4 LIFE' - Acapulco Black Film Festival - June 2001./ NewYork Times Critics Pick -2001. 4 -Certificates Of Appreciation-'Fight Against Hatred And Intolerance In America' 2006-2007- Name will be added to ' THE WALL OF TOLERANCE' in...MONTGOMERY and ALABAMA.- 2008. Certificate Of Appreciation ' United Negro College Fund Drive -2008. ' Voices From Up Under' (Featured) 9-11 Heroes Complete 2008. Poem..'Who Are You ' Editor's Choice Award (OCT) 2008- The International Library OF Poetry. Presented with the ' OFFICIAL WASHINGTON DC..MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.NATIONAL MEMORIAL FOUNDING SPONSOR CERTIFICATE.OCT 2008. ' TIFFANY SAXON ' Permanently displayed and added to THE MARTIN LUTHER KING JR NATIONAL MEMORIAL'S FOUNDER'S ROLL OF HONORS LIST IN WASHINGTON DC- Nov 2008- HARRY E. JOHNSON SR. Letter from CLINTON FOUNDATION /WILLIAM J CLINTON For my support of the CLINTON HIV/ AIDS INITIATIVE PROGRAM / THE CLINTON FOUNDATION. NAME WILL BE PUBLISHED 'TIFFANY SAXON' Along with other supporters through the request of PRESIDENT- ELECT OBAMA- DECEMBER 5,2008. Awarded THE 2008 EDITOR'S CHOICE COMMEMORITIVE BRONZE MEDALLION AND THE 2008 EDITORS CHOICE PUBLISHED POET RIBBON AWARD PIN - INTERNATIONAL LIBRARY OF POETRY -ON DECEMBER 31,2008. WINNER OF THE INAUGARATION PARTIES ACROSS AMERICA CONTEST - JANUARY 15,2009.SPONSORED BY (BP) PRESENT AT BARACK OBAMA'S INAUGURATION - JANUARY 20,2009. The OBAMA INAUGURAL CELEBRATION AT THE LINCOLN MEMORIAL - JANUARY 18,2009. THE INAUGURATION NEIGHBORHOOD BALL AND PARADE - JANUARY 20,2009. First Poem ' WHILE YOU LAY THERE SLEEPING' Being TURNED into a tatoo. Worn by: Daryl Fleming from the Netherlands. Photos will be on display soon..- January 15,2009. Became a member of the (DCCC) Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee - Febuary 4,2009. Winnerof the Editor's Choice-I Award For issue - v - January 2009. STRATHMORE'S WHO'S WHO 2009-2010 MEMBER. TV1'S...JEFF MAJORS CALLED ME FOR MY TRIBUTE TO HIM- OCT 25,2009. CAMBRIDGE WHO'S WHO 2010-2011 member. MARQUIS WHO'S WHO AND WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA- 2011 ISSUE Signed Certificate From President Barack Obama for being a OFA supporter- 2010. Certificate of Achievement for being published in the 1OO MOST FAMOUS POETS ANTHOLOGY-2010. Nominated for the 2010-2011 Canterbury Who's Who member. Nominated 2010-National Association of Professional Women's 'Distinguised Women' award. Euclid High School- September 2010- Being 'showcased' for accomplishments. 2010- poem 'AND THE DANCE SHALL LEAD' published with- Poetry Soup. Sponsor of The Academy of American Poets 2010. Certificate of Appeciation Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Oct 2010. Funeral poem dedications to... Ms Jacqueline Mosley - 'Mothers Message', and 'Mrs.Eleanor Marion Miles - 'Angels Dance' Both funerals were on the same day...October 4,2010. May they both rest in peace. Always loved, Never forgotten. Received a Thank you card from President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama for my poetry dedication-December 17,2010.(AND THE DANCE SHALL LEAD...POEM) Strafford's Who's Who Award -August 2010 UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX (PSYCHOLOGY DEGREE) 2012. " VOICES FROM UP UNDER" Became the (Featured Poem with another online site) today June 4,2017. " God Bless From Up Above" Became the (Featured poem with another online site (from Nov 5 - 12,2017) " American Torch" (Former First Lady Michelle Obama tribute) Became the featured poem on another site Aug 13-20th 2017. The poem " Through The Storms" Became featured on another online site (From Jan 21-Jan 28 2018))

The Best Poem Of Tiffany Saxon

Love Being In Love..But Love Don'T Love Thee

For thy heart beats of pain.
For it yearns for love
Yet, love is not on the scale
of gain.
For thy heart is slowly beating
For the cries and heartache
seems to never end
For it is here to stay.
Through thy hidden fears..
only thy cries speaks very
For at one was disguised
with smiles very proudly.
Yet, no one seems to notice the pain
that grows inside of thee.
For thy have kneeled on thines
'is this how it's gonna be? '
and Love is not in the picture,
For trine heart is broken and
crushed into different measures and
For how thy pray to the heavens for
For one can only wait for the
answer from way up above.
For thy love being in love....
but ones discovered that love don't
love thee.
For time has seems to
hide from thee.
How can this be?
For one feels that love is not meant
for thee.
and Praying that love is for thee.
Hopefully a miracle will come and
open thy eyes..So thy can see that
love is there for thee.
But until then...thy' Love Being In Love..
But Love Don't Love Thee.'

The End!

Tiffany Saxon Comments

Shalia Robinson 15 February 2007

You are a talented poet and your writing is so enjoyable to read! ! When I read your poems you make me go to to a place where I can visualize the words you write. Kudos to you for being a excellent poet that is true to you.

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'I'm tired of those who continue to play the trick or treat game'... Those who take you for granted and think you don't know better. (trick) and then turn everything around like they've done nothing and continue to play the same game over and over again...thinking that they've gotten away with the bull they continue to repeat (treat) until one day you get tired of their bullshit and walk away leaving them wondering 'What did i do? '...Until karma smacks them in the face with their own game... just to realize that they won nothing in the end but learned that a trick is just a trick.

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